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1) “The ‘One’ Invisible Code” by Sharat Sharma

(Personal Transformation | Format: Paperback/Kindle | MRP: 400 INR)

Blurb: Every inspiring story has three things in common: A dreamer, his struggles, and his victory. This book is dedicated to the dreamer in you. It is a story of one such dreamer who is struggling, and how his mentor helps him to finally achieve victory. The book instils in the reader the spirit to fight back, to never lose calm in the face of calamity, and to not lose the vision of the goal. The book not only helps you identify with this dreamer in you but also helps you connect the dots between your dreams and your abilities to achieve your dreams. It allows the reader to get a deeper insight into one’s true self and plan their steps to rise to the next level.

2) “Mutual Funds: A Powerful Investment Avenue for Individuals” by R. K. Mohapatra

(Finance | Format: Paperback/Kindle | MRP: 219 INR)

Blurb: This award-winning book, written by financial expert R. K. Mohapatra, GM Finance of IRCON, is an excellent guide for investors and readers who are looking for a deeper understanding of mutual funds, their risk and returns, and the benefits of investing in mutual funds. The book offers a holistic view of wealth creation and elaborate practical advice with an in-depth analytical study of equity and mutual funds, which will equip the readers with fundamental knowledge of different mutual funds and will help them construct a balanced portfolio.

3) “Everything and Nothing” by Nilotpal Dutta

(Historical Fiction | Format: Paperback/Kindle | MRP: 299 INR)

Blurb: In the aftermath of the Noakhali riots, a young Damyanti flees to take shelter in an emerging India after partition. Her dreams of a home and flourishing life in Dacca shattered, she strives to forget her past and build her life anew for herself and her family. Her life blooms with her children and the community she builds around her in Patna, until the Emergency, the Khalistan Movement and Mandal Commission threaten to disturb it all and once again take away what Damyanti has so lovingly nurtured. A heart-warming story of love and redemption, this novel is a tribute to a generation that found the strength over and over again to rebuild on the foundation of ruins. A generation that loved, lost and loved again, but never lost hope.

4) “Heir: Dawn of Deception” by Naseha Sameen

(Erotic Political Thriller | Format: Paperback | MRP: 299 INR)

Blurb: Padmakishori, a 16-years-old princess, is married off to a powerful king, a man older than her father, to give both the kingdoms of Jodhgarh and Garvpundir, an heir. Her life is tempered with conspiracies, and myths of Jodhgarh. Trapped in a loveless marriage, how will she change the fate written for her? From the heart of mountains to barren desert, this novel shows her journey from a naïve princess to the Queen she never thought she would be.

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