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1) “Yours Truly, Not Faithfully” by Kalamwali Sonia Gandhi Limaye

(Romance Fiction | Format: Paperback/Kindle | MRP: 550 INR)

BLURB: At 27, Saloni is living an incredibly enviable life, surrounded by unconditional love, unquestioned respect, endless wealth, and uncompromisable perfection. Wife to a loving husband, who despite being the only offspring of an illustrious business family, is unapologetically self-made. Together they have a bonny toddler for a son who makes Saloni's life even more meaningful. But despite this majestic life of extreme privileges, dignity and blessings, something inside her keeps causing an unrest. As flawless as she appears from the outside, she experiences an unexplained brokenness on the inside and ends up crying alone on most days.
One day, in the most unexpected circumstances, she discovers the reason for her unrest and her brokenness, and also happens to meet many around her who are just as secretly sad as her, which gives her a purpose that may or may not be considered morally acceptable. Standing on the brinks of righteousness, it is upto her whether to take a step forward and embrace the only thing she doesn't have in the world, or take a step back and bask in the glory of the esteemed life she is living already. On the other side of her idea of righteousness, is the gratification of fulfilling her desires and the purpose she has found. On this side of the border is the love of her life and the life she loves already.

2) “The Chutney called Marriage” by Parminder Kaur Sharma

(Comedy Fiction | Format: Paperback/Kindle | MRP: 310 INR)

BLURB: Manav - an ordinary husband, just like a coriander- tasteless, more or less useless, needed just at the end. Piya - the melodramatic wife, master in the art of making even the simplest things complicated, just like the Chili. Maa - Manav’s mother- the Mint factor in their life.
While Manav is still struggling with the universe's till date unresolved mysteries - How can she? Why can’t she? Why does she? - His chutney of life gets more spicy with Lime-n-lemony Leena, Manav’s sister and salty Mummy ji, Piya’s mother.
Would he be able to survive when all the Marvel Heroes of his family come together under one roof? Would he be able to find the perfect balance between his wife and mother that every husband strives for? With everyone trying to take the credit for all the flavours, would they be able to make the perfect chutney?
Grab your copy to find the answers from some incredible moments of a husband's life. For the fans of - Two States by Chetan Bhagat. Disclaimer: Not a cookbook, so suitable for all acidity levels.

3) “Dare. Dream. Travel”, compiled by Shefali Arora

(Travelogue Non-Fiction | Format: Paperback/Kindle | MRP: 150 INR)

BLURB: Have you ever been on a road trip from Delhi to Vishakhapatnam? How would you deal with a raging ice storm when you are behind the wheel? Challenging? That isn’t the end.
What would you do if you come face to face with a nasty robber on the way to your destination? Women travellers feel that travel is the rainbow that fills colour in the sky of their lives. Travelling isn’t just a hobby. It plays an instrumental role in unfolding their hidden potential.
Kudos to these women travellers, who share their stories of varied encounters. Read on to know how they braved these storms. From busting stereotypes to supporting each other through travel clubs, the book is sure to give you some life lessons through the eyes of these independent travellers!

4) “White, Soft, & Fluffy” by Poonam Jalan

(Autobiography | Format: Paperback/Kindle | MRP: 314 INR)

BLURB: The difference between those who conquer fear and those who succumb to is how quickly you can get up. The ten billion dollar "Self Help" industry is about strategies, tactics, and hacks to tell you to get back up. Very few show you the "how". This is why, for every person getting up, there are twenty-seven who fall back down.
In this book, Poonam Jalan, a certified counselor and behavior analyst, talks about her journey from disasters to success; from heartbreaking failure to the ethereal happiness in helping others heal.
With a cocktail of science and compassion, she shares the "hows" of forming beliefs, letting go of pain, and emerging victorious from whatever life throws at you.
This is the story of a brave woman who refused to submit.

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