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1) “Bayan” by Pramudith D. Rupasinghe

(Contemporary Fiction | Format: Paperback/Kindle | MRP: 74 INR)

BLURB: When the Soviet Union collapses overnight, followed by painful separation from his wife, Ivan finds himself in the wrong place on earth, and he walks away with his button accordion into nature. Later, he falls in love with Nadia, who defies her life after surviving polio and fathers Olga. Life continues to follow the changing seasons accompanying Ivan deeper into nature with his lifelong companion button accordion, Bayan-melody of ageing in times of change.

2) “The Gymnast” by Sanjay Chandra

(Contemporary Fiction | Format: Paperback | MRP: 349 INR)

BLURB: It was the summer of 2018, Roshni, a seven-year-old girl, walked with confidence on a tightrope above the road as cars whizzed past below her. Her two older siblings also performed their acts for the passers-by. They were poor and only wanted to earn a little extra for their family. But there were dreams in their eyes. They wanted to reach out to touch the stars. 10 years later, Olympics 2028 Los Angeles, Roshni started her run with long and powerful strides. She jumped from the springboard, and it seemed that she barely flicked the beam. She was airborne. She was now a complete blur to the spectators as she came down and made a perfect land on her two feet—her arms raised looking at the judges. And then the scores were announced.

3) “A Paradox of Dreams” by Harshali Singh

(Psychological Thriller Fiction | Format: Paperback/Kindle | MRP: 255 INR)

BLURB: Dreams are mystical wonderlands that can be traumatic and yet shine a light on the hidden depths of our consciousness. Charu, the blind third daughter of the Sharma family, uses her psychic abilities to find victims as part of an SIT headed by Ravi, her lover. Back into the fold of the Haveli, Charu wakes up from a horrific dream to answer a phone call from an old friend, Prithvi Chauhan, the suave Minister of State. He asks Charu to help him locate his kidnapped younger daughter Myra, for old times’ sake. Like a Matryoshka doll, Charu and Ravi uncover the nefarious intentions behind the polished lives of the Chauhans even as Charu battles with dreams that claw at her psyche and memories.

4) “Strangers She Never Met” by Indranil Roy

(Thriller Fiction | Format: Paperback/Kindle | MRP: 142 INR)

BLURB: "Did she make the mistake of her life by seeking help from the police to thwart an impending terrorist attack?" Afreen was to remain baffled and grieving for the rest of her life. In order to save others, she lost her family and no longer had the right to be herself as well. Before long she found herself caught in the middle of the most vicious conspiracy the country had even seen. The thin line between trust and loyalty was becoming slimmer than ever. Will disgraced police inspector Karan Singh be able to protect her and succeed in winning the battle against unknown enemies?

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