Author Jeet Gian creates magic through his latest masterpiece ‘Father of the Bride-To-Be’

TNN Bureau. Updated: 11/28/2022 2:18:52 AM Books and Authors

A practicing Chartered Accountant and the chairman of JCA Consulting, Jeet Gian hails from the erstwhile princely state of Kutch (Yawn), Gujarat, and has been dwelling in the luxurious architectural hub, Dubai, UAE since 2001. Outside the bounds of his accounting expertise and financial proficiency, his passion extends to the narrative craft of writing, and he is also a fitness enthusiast.

His disciplined, dedicated, and consistent approach toward life, profession, and passion is evident in his recent book ‘Father of the Bride-To-Be’. The story of the book highlights the life of the protagonist Shakuntala Bassi, a Delhi-based media professional, who has the looks to attract and the attitude to win. A go-getter in life, Shakuntala has rejected several marriage proposals, generating a cause of concern for her accountant father, Ramswarup Bassi. As fate might have it, Shakuntala is left devastated when she is rejected by her dream man. And the misery reaches the epitome of puzzlement when the reason for rejection is particularly peculiar. The solicitous father and the determined daughter duo set out to spin the web of lies and a concoction of tales to align the stars and get the dream man to open his heart for Shakuntala. Will they succeed? And what could be the bizarre reason for rejection? The readers need to lay their hands on the interesting spin of the story and find out!

A published author of acclaimed books, ‘The 3 U-Turns of My Life’ and ‘The Three Wise Monkeys’, that have been widely appreciated across the country, Mr. Gian has all the temperaments of a creative person that have consistently made his life interesting. His Chartered Accountant wife, Divya, has been his best companion and critic. A doting father to two children, Mr. Gian is a strong-willed and caring parent to his son Krishna, a special needs child, and his daughter Falguni, who is pursuing a CPA in Canada. He believes in cherishing life in small victories instead of focusing on the finish line.

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