Rakshak: India's Braves - A Gripping OTT Series Depicting the Courageous Journey of Lt. Triveni Singh

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On January 2 in 2004, the terrorist attack on Jammu Railway station had shocked the entire city of temples and prompted security forces to revise strategy and strengthen security grid to tackle such untoward incident.

However, the security has been improved in last 18 years and adequate measures have been taken thwart militancy. Moreover, PM Modi led government has shifted its focus to dismantle ecosystem of terror as it adopted zero tolerance policy since 2014. For instance, Air strike In Balakot and Surgical strike were befitting reply to Pakistan for supporting terrorism.

Pertinently, the strategies have been improved but the horrific scenes, of January 2, 2004, Jammu Railway station attack still haunts citizens of Jammu.

Each enemy will be defeated,
Who will fight against our country!
Don't forget that for the flag's pride,
Every Indian is ready for the sacrifice of their life

In the evening when BSF personnel were proceeding fortheir Annual leave, news fired up everywhere on every news channel. Lieutenant Triveni Singh, who sacrificed his life for his Country, got to know about the Fidayeen attack on the Jammu railway station.

Lt Triveni Singh originally resided from Pathankot in Punjab. He also practiced Martial Arts, Judo when he was 15. He got gold medal in national level martial arts competition. After this he passed the test of NDA and joined the army. He joined the army on December 8, 2001. His Service no. was IC-61417 of Unit 5 JAK LI.

The commanding officer of the unit instructed Lt. Triveni Singh to inform all officers and prepare for action. Knowing the situation he sought permission to go to the railway station himself as leader of the quick reaction team of commandos.

On reaching the railway station Lt. Triveni Singh realized that the terrorists had already attacked and killed 7 civilians. Immediately, action swunged and troops were ordered to cordon off the station. He killed the first militant and followed the other, who was firing from the overhead rail bridge.

To defend our country
Our soldiers fought like a warrior
Killed many traitors while dying
Only then this country became Independent

Lt Triveni knew that the militant was equipped with biocidal weapons and can kill 300 passengers who were refuged in the parcel room which was just a short distance away. At that moment his deputy Havildar Fazal Hussain, was at the militant's target too.

The terrorists hurled grenades and fired indiscriminately at platforms one and two, where passengers were boarding the Shalimar Express. Army, CRPF and personnel of the Special Operation Group (SOG) of the state police cordoned the railway station and were engaged in an encounter with the terrorists, who first took positions on a pedestrian bridge linking the platforms and thereafter took shelter behind platform number 3.

Two BSF personnel, Head Constable Goverdhan Ram and Constable Dinesh Chander (129 Bn), who were proceeding on annual leave, were killed when the ter- rorists threw a grenade at them. A total number of four security personnel were killed. While, fourteen, including a child, were seriously injured.

There was panic as about 500 passengers were caught in the cross firing. However, they were rescued by the Army and the platforms were vacated.

The two terrorists shot and threw grenades at Lt Triveni Singh but he shot one dead and then moved in on the other. The trapped insurgent threw another grenade at Triveni Singh.The first terrorist was killed near the bridge between the first and the second platforms and took charge of the so far 'uncontrollable' situation.

They never let the tricolor bow down
Never lost a war
Mother India, your heroes
Have killed enemies one by one
The second terrorist lobbed a grenade at Singh while trying to escape but, in a daring action Lt Triveni Singh succeeded In killing the second militant too thereby averting a grave danger to the lives of Innocent civilians. Officer stood up and killed the second one before being shot in the head.

And, as the GOC of the division rushed up, turned to him, said, "Mission accomplished." He saluted the GOC before breathing his last. The exchange of fire between the two sides continued for almost two and a half hours.

Maj-Gen Rajinder Singh, GOC of the 26th Div, said Lt Triveni Singh of the 5th JAK Light Infantry, who was injured in a grenade attack by terrorists, killed one of the ultras before laying his life.

Our names will be included
In the list of protectors of Country
I will do something that
I will be worth it for

For his extraordinary gallantry, unyielding fighting spirit and selfless act of supreme sacrifice, Lt. Singh was awarded Ashok Chakra, one of the highest peacetime gallantry award of the country for displaying conspicuous gallantry, utmost courage and for making the super sacrifice in the highest tradition of the Army to save human lives. Lt Triveni Singh is survived by his father Capt Janmej Singh (Retd) & mother Mrs Pushplata.

On 10 Aug 2019, Indian Army Tiger Division commemorated a statue in Sunjwan and this was unveiled his proud parents Capt Janmej Singh (Retd) & Mrs Pushplata.

Nation will always remember
The Supreme Sacrifice of every Soldier
Who has fought as a Warrior
And lost their lives while fighting for our mother land

Nation still remembers and gets frightened with this drastic attack that happened 19 years back. Many pay tribute by paying obeisance to them and many have done videos regarding this incident. Now, a story has been released on Amazon Prime Video and Amazon miniTV in which the whole incident has been described. This story is around 75 minutes with title Rakshak India’s Braves.

Akshay Choubey is the director, and Aditya Pittie and Samar Khan are the producers of Rakshak India’s Braves. It is made under the banner of Juggernaut Production. Kanika Mann, Varun Mitra, Mrinal Kulkarni, Mrinal Naval, Mohit Chauhan, and others star in it. It's description states, “Inspired by true events, “Rakshak: India’s Braves” is the story of Triveni Singh, an Indian Army Lieutenant devoted to his family; but his passion to save people around him from threats is far more noble and greater. What starts off as a threat of a militant attack soon turns into something far more threatening.”
Soon after the release, it received a positive review from critics. On IMDb, Rakshak India’s Braves has a rating of 9.4/10.
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