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1) “Des Vu” by Swapna Sanchita

(Poetry | Format: Paperback/Kindle | MRP: 140 INR)

BLURB: For a long time, poetry has been a personal thing for me, cathartic in its ability to lend voice to my thoughts. However there comes a time in every writer’s life when the need to have one’s work appreciated by others overcomes the reticence of their nature. With this book, I have reached the point where I can let you, the reader, enter. See me. Maybe some of the poems here will resonate with you, and that understanding, that secret “yes, I know what she means”, from a stranger, is what I seek.

2) “Ek Akela Ped aur Anya Kavitaein” by Chanpreet Singh

(Hindi Poetry | Format: Paperback/Kindle | MRP: 224 INR)

BLURB: “Ek Akela Ped aur Anya Kavitaein” is a collection of twenty one poems written by Chanpreet Singh. Important issues of life have been presented in the form of poems in this book in a simple and unique way. Whether it is the journey between life and death or everyday life, these poems have an explanation of every small and big thing related to life. Along with the poems, some pictures made by Chanpreet Singh himself are also present in this book, which would make reading these poems more interesting.

3) “The Casket and Besky” by Nita Bajoria

(Contemporary Fiction | Format: Paperback/Kindle | MRP: 219 INR)

BLURB: “The Casket and Besky” is a set of two novellas about women striving for their career. ‘The Casket’, set in two eras, is a story of an archer and an author who find each other through a hidden casket, and their meeting brings forth a lost past and a blooming future.
On the other hand, ‘Besky’, told from the perspective of a young boy, is a story of a tea plucker girl from Darjeeling for whom uplifting her society becomes the prime goal and love takes a back-seat.

4) “Death By Murder & Other Short Stories” by Asim Jaffri

(Short Stories | Format: Paperback/Kindle | MRP: 199 INR)

BLURB: 1815 AD, East India Company is fast encroaching upon monarchies and domains. The kingdom of Chhatargarh however stands strong under the rule of Raja Prithviratan Singh. His leadership and farsightedness have kept the Kingdom protected until one day when he suddenly dies in a freak accident. All hell breaks loose, will Chhatargarh spiral into depths of peril?
A mysterious occurrence catapults Ajit and Anu into an uncharted territory of horrors. Can they find their way back or will they perish in their new found phobias?
A ruthless criminal murders an old man for money. Little does he know what shall fall upon him due to this heinous crime. Can his conscience break the profanity or will he be entangled in it for life?
September 1947, the Indian subcontinent has just been liberated and partitioned. A family travels from Lahore to Delhi aboard the Frontier Mail. Will they be able to realise their dream of reaching newfound land or will the perils of partition be too extreme upon them to survive?
Six Petite Tales:
I. A shopkeeper seeks blessings from a beggar, gets double of what he seeks.
II. It’s late, Deepika finds no transport with shadows lurking all around.
III. Ayan and Seema alight at a railway station late in the night.
IV. Sarla wants her brother to evacuate their ancestral house.
V. Like, comment and share. Is this all that a social media post generates?
VI. Ankur’s father is on life support, a critical medicine is required to keep him alive.

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