Happy Women’s Day: Books by Women Writers for you to read

Chirdeep Malhotra . Updated: 3/7/2022 5:30:16 PM Books and Authors

Compiled by: Chirdeep Malhotra

To celebrate International Women’s Day, we’ve compiled a list of books by women authors for you to pick up. The books that we have selected foray into diverse themes, are from women from different age groups (including a book of poems by a 5-year-old girl), and some are in Hindi and some in English. From fictional reads to mellifluous poems, these are our Women’s Day reading recommendations.

1) “Pushtimargiya Pichwai – Shri Krishna Ki Aaradhna” by Anu Julka

BLURB: The Pichwais are the complex paintings of Nathdwara (Rajasthan) on textile. These paintings are the traditional paintings of Pushtimarg which are designed for the idol of Shrinath Ji. Pichwais are hung behind the Shrinath Ji idol. These paintings elaborate the Leelas performed by Lord Krishna as a child. The paintings are of size 8 by 10 feet. The Pichwai painting technique is taught under the teacher-disciple tradition. This book by Anu Julka includes information on the Pichwai paintings.

2) “Mera Toh Yeh Main Bhi Nahi” by Promila Sudarshan

BLURB: This book is a summary of a book that the author wrote in 2008 in 2-3 days and with time lost it, but she recollected those thoughts and wrote again in her words in 8 days, about half an hour everyday. She is a mother of 2 baby girls and she keeps very busy and taking out time from her hectic schedule is a challenging job. She somehow manages to write and pursue her dream which she has been thinking of since her childhood. Thanks to her husband, who lets her pursue her dreams. This book is, in short, the summary of her heartfelt thoughts and feelings which she has put down in words. It’s a short book telling about her existence, which the title clearly mentions. This book is just a summary of feelings which we all come across once in life at least. She is a poet and she loves to write her heart out.

3) “Aanandi” by Jyoti Jha

BLURB: “Aanandi” narrates the story of a girl with extraordinary intellect, born in a small village in India. She depicts the courage to stand against the evils of society, fighting through the adversities that life throws at her, and having an awareness of education and self-reliance. An illustrative symbol of women empowerment, aiming to connect today's young generation with the reality of their desired society and several aspects like rural environment, generations finding their existence in cities, people's mentality, place of women in society, and changes in social conditions over last several decades, author Jyoti Jha's book is an inspiration for women from all sections of the society. The book has been highly popular among the readers and has been appreciated by several media houses. The book was recently featured at the coveted Pune International Literary Festival (PILF 2021) and was talked about at the prestigious Daulat Ram College, New Delhi (Memesis Theatre Society) by Ranjish Hi Sahi fame Bollywood Writer and Director, Pushpdeep Bhardwaj. The book has been picked up by Zankar Studios for creating audio works and will be soon available as an audiobook on Storytel.

4) “A Chequered Sea Of Emotions” by Kavita Ravindranath

BLURB: While sailing through the varied emotions of life, seldom do we take a pause and actually taste them in the true sense. Sometimes it becomes mandatory to take a break and dive into them. As you read this book, page by page, you will feel the taste of every emotion lingering on your tastebuds long after you have read it. Come, live your emotions! This book of poetry is on the subjects of love, romance, persistence and self-worth.

5) “My Little World Through My Poems” by Akshita Malik

BLURB: This book is a collection of poems written by Akshita Malik, a five-year-old little girl who loves to travel and explore, read and write. In these poems, she has created her magic by writing her own little universe of emotions and love. She loves to read and get inspired, and by writing this book she has decided to inspire her little friends around the globe. Hope she will take you in her little world through her poems and mesmerize you with her magical words.

6) “The Night Everything Changed” by Neha Prakash Naidu

BLURB: The headlines of the local news channels have been creatively circulating a piece of ‘hot news’ to make the TRPs skyrocket. Two 'NRIs’ are the prime suspects in a murder in North Goa, after a fun and frolic-filled night of drugs. The primetime slot was full of conspiracy theories by investigative journalists and the fillers were taken over by a lot of debates on drug control. Aditya Dev, an orphan who struggled all his life to settle down, was finally living the American dream, but is now in an Indian prison. He remembers nothing about the night he was with his wife and friends, but someone died that night. His struggle to understand what happened that night is a very hazy memory in his head, but reality bites. This thriller novel is atmospheric and compelling.

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