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From a translation of Gujarati writer Dhumketu’s short stories, to a cookbook with delectable recipes from the Himalayan foothills, our book picks this week, curated by Chirdeep Malhotra


“Ratno Dholi: The Best Stories of Dhumketu”, translated by Jenny Bhatt

This is the first substantial collection of Gujarati short story writer Dhumketu's work to be available in English. His fiction has provided entertainment and edification to generations of Gujarati readers and speakers. His stories are characterized by a fine sensitivity, deep humanism, perceptive observation and an intimate knowledge of both rural and urban life, and remain remarkable and relevant even today. The stories in this book have been translated by Jenny Bhatt.


“The Book of Life” by Atma Sumit Agarwal and Vidhika Dalmia

This book of spirituality and self-help is for those who continue the search against the odds. While many may believe that ignorance can be bliss, a life left unexamined is not one worth living. Over the years there has been only one standard answer for every question– “That’s how it has always been!” This book, with an insightful narrative, is a compilation of articles that cover all the questions that remained unanswered, and all the questions that you never thought of asking.


“Vegetarian Cuisine from the Himalayan Foothills: Flavours and Beyond” by Veena Sharma

This book delves into mouth-watering recipes that draw upon local bounties from the Himalayan heights. With striking photographs and useful snippets of information accompanying each recipe, this book explores a variety of palates, and presents a whole range of nutritious and tasty foods, from nutritional lentil kebabs, zesty chutneys, nourishing soups, and extraordinary desserts. The book also includes several vegan and gluten free recipes.


“They Go to Sleep” by Saugata Chakraborty

The stories in this book are exhilarating tales of ordinary people and the choices that they make under extraordinary circumstances. This collection of 12 short stories encompasses diverse genres, and will surely compel the readers to keep their midnight lamps burning. The titular story ‘They Go to Sleep’ is a racy thriller on police procedure and criminal psychology. Other stories include the humorous tale ‘What's In a Name?’, and the science fiction ‘A Man of Letters’.

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