G N Azad euphoria gradually waning..!

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Leaders with political stature repentant of ‘decision’ in haste …?

Jammu: Ghulam Nabi Azad’s whirlwind entry on J&K’s political turf in less than a month’s time has emptied the air of excitement among those who instantly joined him after he quit Congress. Many of them are a dispirited lot and said to be repentant of their decision of parting ways with the grand old party in haste.

Sources said even Azad’s staunch loyalists have begun to realize that political stuffing that came to be offered as a package of many high end ‘dreams’ has knocked out soon, rather fizzled out in just matter of days. While other parties which got unnerved with Azad’s entry with a bang look at it as flop show, much to their relief.

When Azad called it a day with Congress, rumour was rife in the national capital that he may float a national level party with support of leaders in G-23 group whom he managed to ensemble as a force against the parent party. But that was not to be as none of them showed willingness to part ways with the Congress, leave alone eagerness to walk alongside Azad. This move completely deflated when leader like Kapil Sibbal chose his own path and others in the group have ostensibly chosen to be by the side of senior leaders like Mallikarjun Kharge.

Azad realised this much before he made a formal yet tumultuous entry in J&K, sources said adding that despite this he managed to trigger boisterous developments of some leaders of political stature and steering to come into his fold while instantly quitting from the Congress in which they spent whole life and career.

Apart of senior leaders who formed a sizable section of the Congress party both in Jammu as well as in Kashmir, many functionaries joined the ‘pied piper’ with a hope of ‘magical’ change in the new order.

However, this euphoria is gradually sizzling out and the scenario with many of them today is like a big realization of having committed political blunder in fag end of their career, sources said. When a senior political leader quit AAP two days back, rumours were rife he would join Azad camp but to disappointment of many in this camp, he instead chose BJP, sources said this move not only surprised but amply made it clear for them they made a ‘wrong decision’ of riding the Azad wave instantly.

No matter Azad managed to ensemble senior leaders, he may not be able to steer the new ship with the pace they were expecting, sources close to this camp disclosed, confiding in run months to come they may flip the decision as politics is all about striking right opportunities. Even as Azad is trying to keep the show going by holding meetings, but the initial zeal and enthusiasm is waning. However, it goes without saying that Azad’s quitting move from Congress means a huge gain for BJP without any guess.
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