Survey soon to raze structures susceptible to natural calamities

Navneet Dubey. Updated: 9/30/2022 11:30:03 AM Front Page

Jammu: The Jammu and Kashmir government has decided to carry out the safety survey of many old buildings and historical structures susceptible to natural calamities including earthquake, floods, snowfall, and rain fury in Jammu and Kashmir.
According to the Disaster Management Department, unsafe and old buildings are more prone to damages and are more likely to result in loss of life. The summer capital Srinagar and its adjoining areas have more old and unsafe buildings than other districts of the Valley.
According to the Disaster Management Department, all government buildings, hospitals, court complexes, shopping complexes, school and college buildings, bridges and private residential buildings will be surveyed soon. Buildings found unsafe in the survey will be repaired as necessary. Many buildings can also be demolished.
J&K has experienced earthquake tremors of nine times one after the other in the last month. After the earthquakes geologists and experts have flagged concerns about the possibility of a big jolt in Jammu and Kashmir, which lies in Seismic Zone IV and V, sooner or later.
In 2005, the 7.6 earthquake had resulted in deaths of thousands people in Kashmir, besides considerable loss of property. Experts have accused the government of laidback approach on latent but imminent danger. Experts at that time pointed out that authorities at the helm of affairs should come out of their cocoons and do a holistic planning instead of getting into a firefighting mode during a disaster. They believe that it is not a good thing to have so many quakes---though of the low intensity--in a single day and the possibility of a bigger jolt can’t be ruled out.
Experts had suggested that UT and district level disaster management units should have scientific people who could suggest some concrete and drastic measures to meet future disasters.
Many areas of the valley, including Srinagar, are extremely vulnerable to landslides, floods and earthquakes. A high-intensity earthquake can cause massive damage to life and property in a crowded area at any time, as the interior of Srinagar is extremely narrow and congested.
The concerned administrative officials said that the Disaster Management Department would prepare an action plan based on the survey and implement it. The action plan will have options for repairing unsafe buildings and their safe demolition. Apart from this, many tight areas will also be opened. The Geology Mining Department will also be involved in the survey and will identify the most vulnerable areas from the point of view of natural calamities.

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