Cracks within PAGD gains weight, Farooq acts as cementing factor btw Omar, Mehbooba

Saroj Razdan. Updated: 9/21/2022 11:51:16 AM Front Page

Plays down 'rumours' of NC's inclination towards BJP

Jammu: As the buzz about cracks having started within PAGD, the largest alliance of many political parties in Kashmir are gaining momentum, Dr Farooq Abdullah is understood to be playing cementing factor between his son Omar and PDP chief Mehbooba Mufti lest relations do not turn sour between the two parties prematurely. Farooq is also trying to underplay the rumours of ‘proximity’ having begum between NC and BJP post recent developments.
Sources said when Omar Abdullah blatantly declared National Conference would contest elections on all 90 seats of J&K, it obviously came as a shock to Mehbooba Mufti though she did not react till date on NC’s sudden change of mind on seat sharing formula decided upon earlier. NC’s move was viewed as serious decision as it did not come by way of some normal statement, instead a proper resolution was adopted to this effect by the party.
However, she has neither reacted nor opened her cards till date but it came as a blow for PDP which is starting afresh to test political waters for more than one reason, sources said adding it may pull apart the two young leaders who came close on the platform of Gupkar Alliance post abrogation of Article 370 and reorganisation of state.
The alliance platform which was forged primarily for the cause of restoration of statehood and revocation of abrogation order, over a period of time was used for respective political gains in Kashmir and the experiment of seat sharing was first done in BDC polls. Since both the parties have lost political ground in many constituencies, it suited them , particularly PDP with most of its leaders having left the party.
In the wake of this reality when Omar declared NC’s decision to contest all the seats, it came as a surprise for other allies too, though it may not impact them directly or so intensely as PDP, sources said. However, as a shrewd and seasoned politician, Dr Abdullah played it down, rather as a cover up, stating it should only be seen as reflection of political aspirations of any party which is something normal. He also underplayed the rumours of fissures within the Gupkar Alliance.
While this may be seen as mature posturing, Dr Abdullah as said to be actually trying fill in the gaps that developed after this move and he is trying to keep the youngsters’ bond intact at least until the polls for he knows it well on the platform of PAGD hard things can be bargained with New Delhi, sources further added explaining why felling apart or fissures may not be liked by Farooq Abdullah at this stage.
On the other hand, the seasoned politician of NC who has seen many a political games and knows well which move can fetch them gains or prove disastrous, is also trying to play down the recent development of ‘mutual admiration’ of Omar and BJP Pradesh chief Ravinder Raina in a media conclave in Jammu. In the political corridors of Kashmir and even among aware masses this has begun to be seen as NC’s inclination towards BJP, it is Farooq Abdullah who is not giving it any significance outwardly for the fear that Kashmiris will surely not take any such ‘bonhomie’ in good stride. Dr Abdullah is very well aware that such signs will result in weakening Gupkar Alliance prematurely and the other parties mainly PDP may ‘reap’ benefits out of such a situation, sources said.
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