Every institution in India under BJP-RSS control, says Congress leader Rahul Gandhi

TNN Bureau. Updated: 8/5/2022 5:53:53 PM Politics

Days after Opposition parties termed the Supreme Court’s judgment in the PMLA case a “dangerous verdict”, senior Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said Friday that “all the institutions of India are in the control of the BJP and the RSS.” Asked about the Supreme Court, he said “Saare ke saare. Ek nahin bacha hai. Saare ke saare (All of them, without exception. All of them).”

On why the Opposition is unable to exert pressure on the government on issues like price rise, Rahul Gandhi said the Opposition fights with the help of institutions in a democracy. “The country’s legal structure… the judicial structure, the country’s electoral structure, the media, the Opposition stand up on their strength. All those institutions are supporting the government today because the government has filled up these institutions with their people. No institution in India is independent today. Every institution in India is today controlled by the RSS… So we are not fighting against a political party… We are fighting against India’s entire infrastructure…,” he said.

On the BJP’s claim that it has been repeatedly winning elections, he said, “Hitler too came to power winning the election. Hitler too used to win elections. And how did he used to win elections? Because the institutions of Germany were in his hands. He had the SA, the paramilitary forces, he had the entire structure. Give me the entire structure and I will show you how to win the elections,” he said.

“When we were in power, the infrastructure used to be neutral. We never used to control the infrastructure… Today, the entire infrastructure is with the government. Financial infrastructure… if somebody wants to support another political party… the ED, CBI goes after them. They are coerced and threatened. So the BJP/RSS has the financial monopoly and monopoly of the institutions. So that is why the Opposition is not able to effectively… aggressively… it is doing. but the impact that should have been there is not seen,” he said.

Asked whether he foresaw his arrest or that of Congress president Sonia Gandhi in the National Herald case, he said, “You do whatever you want to do. It doesn’t matter. It does not make any difference. You have to understand this. You have to understand the culture I come from. It does not make any difference. I will be the happiest person.”

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