Cyber criminals exploiting Power consumers personal data in J&K

TNN Bureau. Updated: 6/23/2022 1:13:37 AM Front Page

Jammu: The cyber fraudsters are giving harrowing time to the power consumers in Jammu and Kashmir by sending them fake text messages warning them of paying their dues or face disconnection. With many people getting these messages has put the personal data of lakhs of consumers at risk, which may be exploited by these scammers at will. The power consumers have been left in a tizzy who have been getting these messages in the last couple of days.
The thugs are targeting such consumers whose electricity bill remains unpaid. They send SMS to the mobile phones of those consumers asking them to pay the outstanding bills. The people are getting text messages to pay the outstanding bill by midnight or they will face disconnection. The alleged fraudsters are sending a link on the consumers mobile phones for paying the power dues.
In the absence of awareness, cyber criminals hack into their bank accounts by collecting information after getting OTP from the consumer who uses this link. Many gullible consumers , who by opening the link share their personal banking details after receiving an OTP.
Similarly, people are getting SMSs with the promise of giving them jobs with a hefty monthly salary. In this SMS also a link is sent to the person in which personal information has to be filled. Those people who are giving their personal and bank information in this e-link by getting greedy, they are also becoming victims of thugs.
However, to prevent consumers from falling victims to these cyber fraudsters, the JKPDD IT&C Division Kashmir in its Twitter has said- “JKPDD consumers are requested to be aware of this SMS that scammers are floating to the masses. Unless a communication contains your Consumer Name and ID, please do not respond”.
In the month of June alone, so far more than 15 people have filed complaints with the Jammu Police who have become victims of this type of SMS fraud. On the basis of these complaints also, it was revealed in the investigation of Jammu Police that these cyber thugs sitting in Telangana are targeting people in Jammu by sending SMS on their phones.
Meanwhile, an official of the Cyber Security wing shared that though the issue has come to their knowledge, the same has not been formally lodged by PDD. As and when an official complaint is lodged with us, we will take cognizance accordingly. ‘
He however advised people not to share banking details and, install any remote access app and click on any suspicious link.

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