Clash in Jalandhar’s CT Institute: Hindu student posted a post in favor of Nupur Sharma, Muslim students created ruckus

TNN Bureau. Updated: 6/12/2022 4:35:41 PM National

#JALANDHAR: Police force has been deployed after the dispute in CT Institute.

Controversy broke out in CT Institute, a private educational institution in Jalandhar in Punjab. The situation became so tense that a police force had to be deployed in the institute.

It is alleged that some Kashmiri Muslim students studying in the institute misbehaved with a Hindu girl.

After this the Hindu students came in panic. According to the information received, this entire controversy started after a post was posted in favor of former BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma. A Hindu student from Jammu studying in the institute put a post on social media in favor of Nupur Sharma on Friday night.

This enraged the Muslim students studying in the institute.

All these students are being told from Jammu and Kashmir only.

The dispute which started at 12 pm continued till 5 am. Muslim students of the institute also forcibly apologized to the Hindu student. Not only this, the police and the institute management also blamed the said Hindu girl in this entire controversy and held her wrong.

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