No elections, militancy in J&K signs of govt failure: Congress

TNN Bureau. Updated: 5/16/2022 11:51:21 AM Front Page

Udaipur : The Congress on Sunday said it was committed to establishing dialogue with all like-minded parties to protect the spirit of nationalism and democracy and would keep open avenues for forging alliances according to political circumstances.
In its Udaipur Declaration adopted after the three-day 'Nav Sankalp Chintan Shivir', the Congress asserted that Indian nationalism is the core character of the party, while in contrast, the BJP's "pseudo-nationalism" is centred on the hunger for power.
It is the duty of every Congress person to bring this difference before the people, the declaration said.
Based on the recommendations of the group that led the discussions on political issues at the conclave, the party stated that changing the special status of Jammu and Kashmir, taking away its full statehood, not holding elections, implementing an erroneous delimitation and killing of thousands of innocent civilians, security forces and Kashmiri Pandits by militants were signs of serious failure of the central government.
While the Congress has to strengthen its grassroots presence everywhere on the basis of its organisation, it is committed to establish dialogue and contact with all like-minded parties to protect the spirit of nationalism and democracy and will keep open avenues for forging alliances as per the political circumstances , the declaration said.
The party accused the BJP-RSS of spreading communal divide in the country and said the Congress rejects the politics of garnering votes by targeting minorities, poor and the downtrodden.
The Congress said the attack on the federal structure of the country by the central government is even more dangerous .
Illegal and immoral encroachments on the jurisdiction of the states have become the nature of the BJP, the party alleged in the declaration.
Even the post of Governor is now openly misused for the attainment of power by the BJP, it alleged.
The Congress also raised the issue of attack by China on India's sovereignty and territorial integrity.
The lack of accountability of the central government on this whole matter and the mysterious silence of the prime minister is a matter of serious concern for the country, the party said.
The Congress also expressed concern over spread of separatism and extremism in the northeastern states.

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