Questioning minister’s visits immature politics: Varinderjeet

TNN Bureau. Updated: 9/14/2021 3:35:48 PM Press Release

Jammu and Kashmir, BJP, Vice-President, S. Varinderjeet Singh, has termed the statement of a leader of less known, family run political party, that the ‘visit of 70 Minister’s to J&K is mere publicity stunt’ as nothing but outburst of the frustration developed out of the fear of losing ground. He said that raising figures on every decision of the union government on daily basis is also a sign of unhealthy politics being indulged in by the self-claimed leaders, who cannot digest the growing popularity of the BJP.

S. Varinderjeet Singh said that even a lay man would appreciate the decision of the Narendra Modi government to depute Union Ministers to J&K for direct interaction with the people by reaching at their doorsteps in rural as well as urban areas, including remote and far-flung areas. He said that the visits of the ministers should not be seen from the prism of vote bank politics, but need to be appreciated for what is being done for the first time after independence by any govt at the centre.

The BJP leader said that the J&K UT has such leaders, who have zero mass following but make hue and cry everyday just for own publicity and remain in the race for political survival, knowing it very well that public has rejected them for their self-centric work during their own term as Ministers.

He expressed hope that such leaders would rise to the occasion and adopt positive approach towards the good works and decisions of the union government rather than pointing figures on everything, without knowing the benefits to the public.

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