Indian army warns Pak against holding"Kashmir solidarity day'' event near LOC

TNN Bureau. Updated: 2/6/2019 11:21:38 AM Jammu and Kashmir

New Delhi, Feb 6: the Indian army on Wednesday warned Pakistan against holding any event related to Kashmir solidarity day near the line of control as it would draw a strong reaction from the Indian side.

Our officials from the directorate general of military operation issued the stern warning to the Pakistan army on Tuesday morning ' Army sources said.
As per reports, Pakistan was planning to hold a motorcycle rally near the LOC on the Pakistan-occupied-Kashmir solidarity day being organised there
Army sources said the Indian side had told Pakistan that responsibility of any such provocation activity would be on them.
pakistan has been trying to up the ante by celebrating Kashmir Solidarity Day every year on February 5.
pakistan try to organise events across the globe including important world capitals like London and other European countries but have not been very been very successful in generating hype.

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