No proposal to declare Tral wildlife range as Wildlife Sanctuary: Lal Singh

TNN Bureau. Updated: 1/11/2017 6:17:57 PM Jammu and Kashmir

Minister for Forest, Ecology & Environment Choudhary Lal Singh today said there was no proposal with the government to declare Tral Wildlife range as Wildlife Sanctuary under Section-17 of JK Wildlife (Protection) Act 1978.
Replying to a question by MLA Mushtaq Ahmed Shah, the Minister said Hangul and other flora and fauna are provided complete protection and preservation in the Shikargah Conservation Reserve Tral.
The Minister also said that for conservation of Hangul, construction of an off-display Hangul conservation breeding center was taken up in 2008-09 which continued upto 2011-12 with the assistance of central Zoo Authority of India.
The release of Rs 42.50 lakh in 2008-09 and additional grant of Rs 10.47 lakh during 2010 which continued for the year 2011 -12 with the further release of Rs 22.80 lakh has led to completion of major works of the project. The infrastructure which has been created include paddocks including quarantine, animal house and water facility, erection of solar power fencing and predation proofing.

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