CUJ inaugurates Capacity building and personality development webinar series for female students

TNN Bureau. Updated: 11/12/2021 9:17:29 PM Jammu and Kashmir

Jammu: Central University of Jammu in collaboration with National Commission for Women, Government of Indiainaugurated an online webinar series on ‘Capacity Building and Personality Development’ for female students of Jammu & Kashmir. The first webinar in the series was organised today on ‘Mental and Physical Preparedness for Employment’ with the Presidential address of Honourable Vice Chancellor of Central University of Jammu, Prof. Ashok Aima and under the guidance of Prof. J.N.Baliya, Head, Department of Mass Communication and New Media and Dr.RituBakshi, Associate Professor, Department of Education.
The webinar was hosted by Dr NancyMengi, Senior Assistant Professor, Department of Social Work and was categorised in three sessions.First session of the programme started with the theme of “Personal Capacity Building” by Mr Suneel Vatsayan, Chairperson of Nada India Foundation, New Delhi. Mr Vatsayan gave a brief and informative lecture on “Art of Listening”, where he emphasised on self-realisation and importance of listening in life. He interacted with students by giving real life examples. The theme of the second session was “Professional Career Skills” by Ms Suparna Kapur, Head of placement and training, IMS, Noida. Ms Suparna on her discussion about “Identifying career opportunities” taught students the steps involved in process of building a professional career and how one can start planning and exploring career options in early stages. She introduced career guidance app where students can find courses related to their field of interests. She also taught steps, format and proper ways of making a resume, finding new jobs and how one can present him/herself in an interview. The third session was based on the theme of “Digital Literacy and Effective use of Social Media” conducted by Adv. Supriya Chauhan, BE (CSE), LLB, LLM, Practising in Hon’ble High Court of J&K. Adv. Supriya gave an elaborated lecture on “Cyber-crime and Safety measures”. She discussed about the cyber-crimes that take place on daily bases and how being digitally literate can help in preventing crimes.She mentioned the loopholes and errors present in our devices that may lead to a big cyber-crimes.
Around hundred students participated in today’s webinar series and all the resource persons took time to answer all their questions. They also offered to help out the students with related problems in future. The webinar was a successfully ended with vote of thanks by Dr Archana Kumari, Assistant Professor, Department of Mass Communication and New Media, Central University of Jammu.

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