New domicile rules ended decades of discrimination in J&K: BJP

Agencies. Updated: 7/29/2020 12:29:59 PM Jammu and Kashmir

Jammu, Jul 29: The Jammu and Kashmir BJP Tuesday said the new domicile rules mark the end of misfortune of discrimination against those who had been living in J&K for more than 70 years, but were deprived of legitimate citizenship rights.

Interacting with councillors at the BJP office at Trikuta Nagar, party general secretary Ashok Kaul said the domicile certificate is not merely a piece of paper, but a document that restores the honour and dignity of lakhs of people who were victimized for past many decades.

"Thanks to Prime Minister Narendra Modi who led government for ending the inhumane discrimination against the residents of J&K, he added.

As per the new domicile law, non-permanent residents who have residency proof of at least 15 years in J&K are entitled to get domicile certificates. Prior to the reading down of Article 370, only state subjects were allowed to buy land and apply for government jobs in Jammu and Kashmir.

This has primarily benefited communities like West Pakistan refugees, Gorkhas, Valmikis, displaced PoK persons and Kashmiri migrants living outside J&K.

Councillor Sanjay Baru, who is also the J&K in-charge of BJP Urban Local Bodies Cell, said the process to generate and procure domicile certificate is being made easier with every passing day.

He requested the common public to not rush to get their domicile certificates as they can avail the facility with comfort at any point of time.

He said those who are in immediate need of domicile certificates for various purposes such as education or job. should come first and the rest can apply later.

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