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By Jasleen Kour

14th December, Brig. Rajendra Singh Auditorium at Central University

Irrespective of the border you cross or the land you are in, Art stays sane and same everywhere.
Art in forms of Books, capture what’s so beyond comprehension, articulates what’s so often is difficult to articulate; makes sense of the seemingly nonsensical. Verses and Stanzas, Paragraphs and stories have the ability to becalm the aggravated soul.

On that note, 14th December 2019, Jammu is going to host Jammu Literary Festival- YAYAVAR in association with Central University of Jammu. Yayavar in English means “The Wanderer.”
It is Jammu’s Literary fest in its pioneering year. It will witness seasoned authors and acclaimed personalities who will be radiating art for an entire day. There will be Panel discussions, Symposiums, Interactive sessions, book signing and a lot more.

To water the seeds of ‘celebrating art’ on our land, it occurred to Ms. Nupur Sandhu (International Award winning author and national award-winning Film maker) to organize one of its kind Literary Festival in Jammu, which will be bejeweled to the crown of history of Jammu.

Why you should come and be a part of this festival?

First of all, such festivals are a rare sight in Jammu and being a Jammuite it is our responsibility to uplift and support such an endeavour. Moreover, this year Yayavar will witness

● Author whose book has been a major Amazon Prime Series
● Producer and Writer of Saavdhaan India & Fear Files
● Content head of Channel V
● International Film maker
● International award winning authors
● Internationally acclaimed Kathak Dancer
● Amazon Best Sellers for 2 years
● Rabindranath Tagore Literary Awardee
● Authors with their book as best seller
● Senior Journalists
● Author who stayed with Paranormal investigators before writing his book
● Inspiring Tsunami survivor who lived to tell her story and inspire
And so many more award winning authors and eminent personalities who have excelled in their domain. All of them will be present under the same roof in Jammu.

Jammu Literary Festival- YAYAVAR is a giant umbrella which will encapsulate varied genres like Thriller, Politics, Horror, Dogri Literature, Urdu Literature, Mystery, Cinema, Mythology, Fiction, Non- Fiction, Poetry, Self help along with many others. Basically, it will give a chance to the audience to scrutinize and select the session or the discussion of the genre they would want to be a part of.

So, if the Topic of Kashmir strikes your brain cells, then be prepared to attend the Panel session of “In search of Future- The Story of Kashmir” which will be moderated by Ruchhita Kazaria (Peace Activist)
The Panel will Comprise of- Commodore DS Sodhi, (Nao Sena Medal), David Devdas, (Author, The Story of Kashmir) and Aarti Tickoo Singh (Senior Journalist)

Or if Thriller is your type and the stories of Serial killers makes you go weak in the knees, seek yourself a seat in the Panel Discussion on Motivational and Behavorial Similarities in Serial Killers, a panel which will be moderated by Rajat Vohra (Correspondent, The News Now)
The Panel encompasses- Jhonny William (Retd. IGP, IPS), Anirban Bhattacharya (Producer & Writer of Saavdhaan India & Fear Files) and Dr. Sudeep Ranjan Sarkar (International Film Maker)

Or if Dogri Literature runs in your veins, you can celebrate Dogri in the symposium on “Dogri Literature: Retrospect & Prospects” which will be moderated by Mr. Surjit Hosh (Cultural Officer, DSE, Jammu). The Panel will be composed of- Prof. Lalit Magotra (Author), O.P Sharma Vidyarthi (Director, SFRI, J&K Govt), Dr. Vandana Sharma (HOD, Eng. Dept, CU) and Dr. Sandeep Sufi (Asstt. Prof, Dogri, JU)
These were just 3 of the many panels of YAYAVAR. There will also be interactive sessions with acclaimed and venerable Speakers, including Dr. Sandeep Ranjan Sarkar (Maverick International Filmmaker & Philosopher), Mr. Utkarsh Patel (Corporate professional turned Mythologist), Meghana Shekar (Architect and Inspiring Tsunami survivor), Mr. Anirban Bhattacharyya (Co- creator/ Producer/ Writer of Crime Show Saavdhan India & Fear Files), Mr. Ayushman Jamwal (Sr. News Editor, CNN), Mr. Anuj Dhar (Author whose book has been a major Amazon Prime Series), Mr. Mushtaq Kak (Sangeet Natak Awardee, Sr. Director & Actor), Mr. Neil D’ Silva (Author, Script Writer, Recipent of India’s Bloggers award) and Mr. Nalin Gupta (Entreprenuer)

Doesn’t it feel like somebody is sponsoring a trip to Mumbai, where one could meet so many prominent people together? To me, it did. But the amazing Corkscrew is that all of this- the entire Literary festival, with so many eminent personalities and revered authors, is happening right on our land of Jammu, Our Jammu.
Hope all that piqued your interest. Save the day, ask your friends and join us on 14th December at Brig. Rajendra Singh Auditorium at Central University.

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