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Interview : Sakshi Beri

Sakshi Beri has done her MBA, works in a bank, is pursuing Ph.D. and is a ‘solo-creative-preneur’, as she likes to call herself. She is the first person to have brought the art of Calligraphy in its contemporary form in Jammu, and is striving to make Jammu a hub of creative pursuits like Pointed Pen and Brush Pen Calligraphy. She also conducts Calligraphy and Terrarium workshops in Jammu. In a candid chat with Chirdeep Malhotra, she talks about the art of Calligraphy, her creative venture ‘Caliberi’, Terrarium art, and much more. Read on!

Please tell us more about Sakshi Beri as a person and about your new creative venture “Caliberi”.

I am Sakshi Beri and I indulge in a bucket full of art and creativity that I call “Caliberi”. I like to call myself a ‘solo-creative-preneur’ because of the fact that I do this from the comfort of my bed and not an office. I belong to Chandigarh but as of now, I’m housed in Jammu City. Caliberi (or CB, as I like to call it) was born in November 2018, out of a loving communion between an MBA graduate who works in a bank, is pursuing Ph.D. and has love for art, craft and calligraphy.

Has art & craft always been a part of your life? Or did you chance upon it later on and then instantly fell in love with it?

I guess I fell in love with the idea of calligraphy when my mother forced me to attend cursive writing classes in childhood, I got so into it that even though my answers were crap, my handwriting was always applauded. I was trying to learn different fonts and styles since 2017 but could not get the material and mentor, so just tried learning it myself from Youtube and Google. Then, I found an amazing Spencerian calligraphy artist from USA, and told her about my curiosity to learn calligraphy from her, and I met her in November 2018. A push from my friends and family later, I started Caliberi.

Calligraphy art is your forte. Which type of calligraphy do you do? What materials do you need to do calligraphy, and where do you get your materials?

I do Pointed Pen calligraphy from different holders and nibs (Zebra nib, Nikko G, Steno Blue Pumpkin nib) and inks such as (Sumi ink, Walnut ink, Olympic Gold ink) with oblique holders. I do brush pen calligraphy with Tombow Fudenosuke pens, Pentel pens, Kuretake pens). Usually I get this stuff from US or Korean sites.

You also conduct workshops on calligraphy and on Terrarium Art. Could you tell us more about your workshops and how they are conducted?

I saw Terrarium on my international trip last year and was fascinated to learn about the concept. Terrarium is an ecosystem in itself, which is grown in sealable glass vessels with succulent plants, ferns and petals with lucrative decorative stuff. It gives positive look at home and can be gifted to friends or loved ones as a symbol of love and happiness. With my continuous efforts, I managed to learn about it and arrange the material in Jammu. I conducted the first workshop for people in Jammu to encourage this new concept and learning in the city.

What are your other interests apart from this creative pursuit of calligraphy?

Apart from the creative pursuits of art, craft and calligraphy, I also like to cook, read and watch telenovelas.

Can you share with our readers a motivational quote that keeps you going?

A motivational quote that keeps me going is- “Dare to Dream”.

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