The Kashmir Files started healing process for Kashmiri Pandits: Anupam Kher

TNN Bureau. Updated: 11/24/2022 12:56:27 PM Entertainment

PANAJI: Veteran actor Anupam Kher has said that the film 'The Kashmir Files' has started a healing process for Kashmiri Pandits by documenting their tragedy.

He said the film helped people all over the world to be aware of the tragedy that happened to Kashmiri Pandits in 1990s. The veteran actor was talking to media persons at the International Film Festival of India in Goa.

He said, The Kashmir Files was so successful because it was a realistic film, which connects with the audience. He said, it is a film based on true incidents.

Film Director Vivek Agnihotri interviewed around 500 people all around the world for the movie. Anupam Kher said, on the night of 19th January 1990, five lakh Kashmiri Pandits had to leave their homes and memories in the Kashmir valley following the violence.

Anupam Kher said that 'The Kashmir Files' is not just a film to him, but an emotion which he portrayed on screen. He said, in this film instead of using his craft as an actor, he used his soul to give expression to the truth behind real life incidents.

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