PDP’s founding member joins NC

TNN Bureau. Updated: 7/22/2019 11:36:33 AM Front Page

Srinagar: Former Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) founding member and former cabinet minister in a previous BJP-PDP coalition government leader Muhammed Khalil Bandh on Sunday joined National Conference in Srinagar.

Bandh joined the National Conference at its headquarters in the presence of NC’s Party President Dr. Farooq Abdullah along with other senior party leaders. Khalil Bandh had won Pulwama assembly seat for the People’s Democratic Party in the year 2002, 2008, and in the 2014 assembly election.

Khalil Bandh had resigned from PDP on Wednesday. In a strong-worded letter, Khalil Bandh outlined had said how the party compromised on its basic principles after the demise of Late Mufti Mohammed Sayed and how veteran faces were sidelined in the decision making the process and the manner in which series of the self-destructive decision was taken at the behest of the vested interests.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Farooq Abdullah said that to save the nation, youth need to play an important role. It is the youth who needs to have a love for this nation. We do not even know those names who sacrificed their live for us. They sacrificed their life by thinking that they will save the nation. He added that there is a plot against you, and to fight against the plot, we have to fight together by joining hands. Also, we have to forget anger that is between us as the exam is coming fast.

Abdullah added, “There is a lot of pressure on media on how to write and what to write. God must show mercy on them. Media is being told that we would not provide you advertisement unless you do not reveal everything. This is the situation of every media in India”. For truth to sustain, media is necessary. They should have the freedom and that freedom is important for the nation”.

After joining NC, Khalil Bandh said that I was approached by Ghulam Nabi Azad, Shah Faesal, and other political parties but after proper consent and advises with the party workers of PDP and delegates I decided to join National Conference which has given many sacrifices for the nation. Once the Pulwama was considered as a strong-hold of NC and will make sure we will bring the power back in the area. We will look into the loopholes and will work for the betterment of people of Pulwama.

He added, “To save Jammu and Kashmir we have to work together. We will bring the name of National Conference in every household. And, those who have moved far away from, we will bring them back and we will win all the seats in Pulwama”.

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