Peace Forum condemns Haria Chak incident, demands probe

TNN Bureau. Updated: 1/10/2017 11:06:40 PM Regional News

KATHUA : "The shameful incidence of people clashes in village Haria Chak of Hiranagar sub-division is highly condemnable. The people belonging from two different communities attacked at each other over alleged sacrilegious act without any verification." I D Khajuria, Patron, Internationalist Democratic Party and President of Forum for Peace and Integrity, said these words after visiting the area and having meeting with the section of people from both communities.
I D Khajuria recalled that the place where clash happened belongs to Panchayat Haria Chak and Sarpanch sahib's residence was 100 meters away. The other panchyats are in the radius of 1km to 2km but the Sarpanch, who initiated the attack, belongs to village 4 Km away from that spot. How he get information, while other Sarpanches and people of mohallas were unaware? The other story was in circulation is that alleged sacrilegious act has happened at two different places having distance of more than 3 Km one part is at village Haria Chak and the other one at Hardoi Muthi.
It is also not convincing to the people of village.I D Khajuria further said that eye witnesses are saying the people who were attacking they came in a very organized way with arms and long wooden sticks. Firstly they attacked in the village at two persons. They also attacked in the presence of authorities and damaged the households etc. I D Khajuria further said that the people of village Haria Chak firmly told that RSS workers have attacked with guns in which minors have also injured. The minority community was beaten roughly by the RSS workers every one saying boldly. Khajuria warned the government that this is a conspiracy against minority in the area to create communal hatred and to disturb peace which will help in elections adjoining to Punjab where election fever is heading at the highest.The BJP/RSS will play a communal cord in this district particularly and in the state in general to make impact in UP and other states. He said that government and district authorities also check the activities of RSS workers who are most active in the garb of employees and teachers in the area. Government should initiate inquiry and action should be taken immediately.
The minority community and other common people are under threat due to unknown RSS workers are present in the area. District Peace activists, Romesh Singh, Kali Dass, B L Kandley, Ch. Balkar Singh, Sham Lal, Suresh Kumar were also present in the interactions. An appeal was also made by them to both communities to maintain communal harmony and defeat all evil designs peacefully.

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