Tanish Bhat of Jammu making it big in the glamour world

Akanksha Gupta. Updated: 11/5/2016 12:36:04 PM Youth and Career

Bringing name and fame for himself and his State, 21-year old Tanish Bhat is latest among the new crop of youngsters hailing from Jammu, who have went on to earn respect in the entertainment industry. He is presently living in Gurgaon, New Delhi and studying B. Tech., and his first music video is ready to be released. Though extremely busy balancing his work and studies at the same time, TNN grab an opportunity for a phonetic interview with him. Here are the excerpts:

TNN: How and when did it all started?
Tanish: I used to fanaticize about the fashion and film world since I was a kid but I belonged to family of IAS and KAS officer so there was no room for anything other than studies in my life. Hence, I never get to pursue acting and stuff in my school life. However, after completing my schooling in Jammu, I moved to New Delhi to pursue Civil Engineering. This was the turning point of my life. In my college, I was appreciated and encouraged for modeling owing to my photogenic face and good looks. I grabbed this opportunity with both hands and here I am now.

TNN: You have done hundred of modeling assignments, fashion shows, short movies, even an International Web series and now you have become first Indian to got a break in the popular Canadian channel Vevo and you are just 21. How do you feel?
Tanish: I feel extremely blessed. Since I am from Jammu, where people have immense talent but no exposure, I feel tremendously blessed that God has bestowed me with such great opportunities. I feel like a destiny’s child at the moment.

TNN: So whom do you give the credit for this success?
Tanish: Honestly, my self confidence. I have fought for myself and worked really hard to achieve this. I am of the belief that with honest intentions and dedicated hard work, there is nothing one cannot achieve. We need not limit our dreams, must give our best towards realizing them and if we give it a sincere try, I am sure anyone can achieve anything.

TNN: We have heard that you are a pilot too. Is that true?
Tanish: Yes! After completing my schooling in Jammu, I went to Kerala, spent a year there to follow my passion for Aviation and have successfully obtained my student's Pilot license and FRTOL.

TNN: You said that you belonged to the family of bureaucrats. Was it hard to convince them for you to make career in this field?
Tanish: In the beginning, yes. But very soon, they realized that modeling and acting is my passion and they are very happy now. However, my father was quite adamant that I should complete my education too and I am doing that.

TNN: Tell us about the work you are going to do with Vevo?
Tanish: Basically, I have signed a contract for lead role in a couple of music videos for Blue Hawk Productions, Canada. I have shot my first music video, which will be released on Youtube this evening.

TNN: What about the other important projects you have been part of?
Tanish: I have been a part of a Telugu movie “Dictator”, which will release very soon. I have worked in some episodes of “Saavdhaan India”. I have done an International Web series and a cameo in the most successful movie of the year “'MS Dhoni - the untold story”. Those have been small parts but great learning experiences for me. Also, I have been a prominent face in various fashion shows for quite a while in Delhi and Mumbai.

TNN: Besides Acting and Modeling, what other talents do you have?
Tanish: I consider myself as a multiple task personality. I want to become an entrepreneur. I am also a writer. I will publish my book soon. I am a Raiki master and good Volley Ball player.

TNN: What is your ultimate dream?
Tanish: I feel that there is immense talent in Jammu but people here lack platforms to show their talent or sharpen their skills. Jammu desperately needs a good acting school. I am in no position to start something like that but I will definitely open a production house soon to do my bit. I want to give my people a chance to be a part of music and film industry. I am working on my dream and it will be a reality soon.

TNN: What about Jammu that you miss the most?
Tanish: its calm atmosphere and happy people.

TNN: Acting and Modeling, what will you choose (if ever you have too)?
Tanish: I cannot choose one among them. Acting is my soul food and modeling is my passion. I want to keep doing both all my life.

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