Snap all ties with Pak, give free hand to armed forces

PARVINDER SINGH. Updated: 10/29/2016 4:32:38 PM Ideas and Interaction

Jammu: Ceasefire violations have become a routine activity of neighbouring Pakistan. In fact it has always been a part of its policy to support infiltration from across the border under the cover of firing and shelling on Indian Posts. But since the surgical strikes by Indian Army on terrorist launch pads in Pakistan occupied Kashmir, the ceasefire violations have increased manifold which has claimed several lives and destroying public property on a larger scale. All this is adding fuel to the fire between both the countries.
However, India has also made it clear that it doesn’t want war but if war was thrust upon it, it was ready to take on any challenge.
To know what people think about this burning issue, The News Now talked to some Jammuites to know their views and opinion in this regard.
Jashanpreet Singh
Since the surgical strikes have happened, Pakistan is baffled and is resorting to unprovoked firing and shelling on the civilian areas. Pakistan has continuously violated ceasefire since the surgical strike and its forces have been targeting the civilian areas around the border to cause maximum causalities of innocent people. People like Hafeez Sayeed, Sayeed Salah-u-din and Masood Azhar are financing terrorism in India. These three are recruiting youth and are providing them proper training to infiltrate into J&K and other States. The Pakistan army has been providing them security and helping in their infiltration. The Government of India should give free hand to the BSF to deal as per their choice with no moral obligation on them.
Taranjeet Singh
Yesterday I was attending a relative’s marriage where many guests had come from border areas. They told us that they were continuously living under fear of firing and shelling.
Their houses are destroyed by mortar shells and bullets fired by Pakistani troops. Besides this, their source of income has been totally shattered as their livestock are being killed by heavy shelling from across the border.
According to them the government can do nothing except shifting them to safer places and paying compensation for any damage. But is this really enough to restart their life?
The present situation is worse as Pakistani firing has killed many innocent civilians. So it is the time when, forces need to deal harshly with a rogue and hostile neighbor like Pakistan.
Varun Rasgotra
All of us, especially the one, who always go on singing to follow peace procedure should need to understand the gravity of situation that Gandhian attitude isn’t going to win the Pakistani’s heart especially when the lives of Indian soldiers and border inhabitants are on stake. Truly speaking, not only India but the world even doesn’t believe Pakistan. Pakistan is funding terrorist activities and violating ceasefire norms. Moreover, Pakistan has taken India for-granted and in spite of all efforts to maintain cordial diplomatic ties, Pakistan has been the initiator of aggression. In fact it is the state policy of Pakistan to show its enmity against India. They have nothing to give to their people so they play Indian card in order to divert the attention from the happenings in that country.
Suraj Singh
Government always boasts of stating that our forces are giving befitting reply to Pakistan during ceasefire violations.
The question is who is killing our soldiers and innocent civilians living in border areas? Keeping the present tense situation and the inhuman activities of Pakistani forces in view, our government should send a strong and clear message to Pakistani Government and entire world community that India no more requires any relation with Pakistan.
And this could be done through several harsh measures like stopping trade, shutting down the Pakistani High Commission office at New Delhi and cancelling the Indus Water Treaty.

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