Lotteries, instant games fuel optimism amid crisis—even during COVID pandemic, studies show

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In the face of crisis, people are grasping onto stuff that gives hope and a feeling of control. And that proves true for lotteries and similar numbers-drawing games, especially in light of the coronavirus pandemic.
Lotteries more relevant than ever fuel optimism in times of crises
Studies have shown increased participation around the world not just in lotteries, but also bingo, scratch tickets and other instant-result, random-event games, during and after a crisis. Lotteries, in particular, are seen to be “an enticing proposition” to many people even if they’re not avid lottery players, according to a study by Kantar conducted in Australia.
In India, lottery is seen as the most popular form of gambling with its roots burrowed deep in desi culture. There are scarce government data on India’s gambling sector, but the available studies and surveys paint a thriving industry—especially when it comes to state lotteries.
ENV Media recently published a research paper dissecting the Indian lottery market, which noted, “The possibility to improve one’s economic situation via lottery winnings (and modest “investments”) is an enticing proposition to many. A study by Kantar in Australia revealed that lotteries are more relevant than ever in uncertain times because of their potential for fueling optimism. We can safely claim that Indian players are no exception to this trend.”
Online lottery growing even as consumers return to normal activities
One vertical is seeing growth even as consumers start venturing out and returning to normal activities: digital. Paper-based lotteries operated by state governments traditionally cater to players with limited access to technology, while online lotteries are seen to be more appealing to tech-savvy consumers. But the times are changing, and with this comes a combination of factors—such as ticket prices and availability, technology use, and jackpot size—that now “determines the sub-groups of users that find one type of lottery appealing over another.”
The typical online lottery player profile in India is “young, male, living in a big city” with men making up 79.24 percent of all registered users, according to the ENV Media study, which included proprietary data from its property Players under 34 years old representing 56.40 percent of the registered user base, the report stated.
In terms of location, the state of Goa is found to have high adoption rates, comparable to other developed markets like the United States, where the lottery is also the most popular form of gambling with as much as 49 percent of all adults reportedly buying lottery tickets.
Smartphone users also dominate the lottery market with 86.51 percent share; however, desktop users (13.02 percent market share) are seen to spend more time on the website and visiting marginally more pages per session.
“One way or another, the awareness—and respective demand—for online lottery is destined to increase in the coming years. Where paper-based lottery is still the norm, online distribution will also make it more efficient and easy to access. With the constant levels of lottery demands and rates of technological adoption across the Union, draw-based games (e.g., online bingo) are likely to evolve rather than shrink in market size,” ENV Media analysts said.

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