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TNN Bureau. Updated: 10/25/2021 10:43:19 AM Edit and Opinion

The Srinagar Smart City Limited recently launched Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping system project under which all households and other premises in Srinagar will have a unique digital address.The project is being carried out by Srinagar Smart City Limited (SSCL), Srinagar Municipal Corporation (SMC), in collaboration with Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited, New Delhi, and GeoVista. A training session was held in Srinagar attended by officials of SMC, SSCL, and BHEL, GeoVista, which was chaired by Chief Executive Officer (CEO) SSCL Athar Aamir Khan.Talking about the project, CEO SSCL, Athar Amir, said that it is a project called GIS mapping of the city under which all the households, establishments, shops, and other premises within Srinagar will have a GIS-based door numbering system.Athar added, “The GIS numbering system means that those places will have QR based and GIS-based addresses. For which we have designed the system, under which have divided the area and lanes. During the project naming and numbering of those lanes will be done. After naming the numbering, a unique address will be provided to all the premises”.He added that the GIS mapping project would make the delivery system efficient, whether drainage, sanitation, snow clearance, ration distribution, electricity supply, or road network. Also, it will be also beneficial for other emergency services.Athar added, “The GIS mapping system will help in providing quick response to any disaster as the address can be shared with the hospital, fire service, and others. Adding that, he said, “The project is going to change how we work and how we do service delivery in Srinagar.“Also, regarding the project, the team of BHEL, SMC, SSCL will go in every ward and will do a survey and will collect data and after that digital address will be installed at every house and other premises which will be in the shape of metallic boards, which are properly designed,” Athar informed.“Further, we request the citizens of Srinagar city to cooperate with the survey team as it is under the project we can actually make the Srinagar city smart,” he added. An official from SMC told TNN that the survey would start from Thursday, wherein officials of SMC will join other teams in surveying which will be held in all the 74 wards.

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