J&K Govt notify SOPs to incur expenditure out of contingencies in DPRs of Projects

TNN Bureau. Updated: 1/13/2021 10:43:15 AM Front Page

Jammu: Taking a serious note of various Engineering Departments facing difficulties in making payments for items associated with the implementation of the approved project, Jammu and Kashmir Government has notified Standard Operating Procedures for incurring expenditure out of the contingencies provided in Detailed Project Reports (DPRs) of Projects.
In a circular issued by the Finance Department, signed by Dr Arun Kumar Mehta, Financial Commissioner, it has been mentioned that the Finance Department has noticed that in the absence of SOP for incurring expenditure out of contingencies provided in the administratively approved DPRs of the projects, the executive divisions of various Engineering Departments are facing lot of difficulties in making the payments for items associated with the implementation of the project.
“The absence of DPR also defeats the very purpose of keeping provision in the DPRs, administratively approved by the competent authority,” said the circular.
It further read that in view of the concern, the issue was examined in the Finance Department and accordingly all the Administrative Secretaries of the Engineering Departments are directed to impart instructions to all the subordinate offices to incur the expenditure out of contingent charges subject to maximum of 3 percent of the total cost of the project, administratively approved.
The total cost of the project, the circular said that has been administratively approved for expenditure on account of laying of foundation stone, inauguration subject to maximum of Rs 20,000 in each case as per PMGSY, Gol guidelines, signages, quality control i.e expenditure incurred on account of engagement of quality monitors, hiring charges of vehicles associated with the project for supervision of the projects including POL, miscellaneous expenditure such as GIS tagging, videography, stationery, hardware/software printing charges, hot and cold weather charges etc, hiring of consultancy, architectural, structural and interior designing of the projects, preparation of e-Books, clearance of road blockades of urgent nature and third party inspections.
The circular further read that the expenditure on the items mentioned shall be subject to conditions comprising the provision of contingency exists in the administratively approved DPR of the project, the expenditure shall be incurred only after fulfillment of all codal formalities, contingency charges claimed should be incidental and related to work only.
However, the contingency charges shall not be used for hiring of casual labours skilled or unskilled. The payment of the wages to need based or work charged is categorically disallowed, the contingent expenditure shall be commensurate with physical progress of each project, accounts shall be prepared and made available during Administrative Inspection, consumables shall be entered into the stock register of the office and the reasonability of expenditure shall be ensured with reference to outcome, are among other conditions mentioned in the circular.

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