BNI ACE – 4th Chapter of BNI Jammu Launched

TNN Bureau. Updated: 12/24/2020 12:43:57 PM Press Release

Jammu, December 24: Business Network International, BNI - JAMMU, a business platform for business owners and professionals, to generate business through referrals launched its 4th chapter “BNI ACE” on Thursday, 24th December 2020.
Anubhav Aggarwal, Launch Director – BNI ACE chapter said, “There was a time when, because of the pandemic, the world became a crazy place to live in. People around us were quarantined and confined to homes.
The worst thing we could have done, is to stop connecting with people. When everyone was busy struggling maintaining their financial capital, there arose a need to build a social capital.
The idea of Launching BNI ACE triggered me to help business owners from Jammu region to connect to the world and build their social capital.”
Today, BNI ACE chapter is launched with 28 members from various business categories and the event had more than 50 business leaders from Jammu region and across the world including Mac Srinivasan, from Singapore - Global Markets President – BNI, Sunil K - District Director BNI India, Anjali Chowdhary - Executive Director BNI Delhi South, Anil Chhajerh,- Executive Director BNI Udaipur, Atul Joglekar - Executive Director BNI Pune, Ayush Bansal - Executive Director BNI Vapi Valsad, Sanjana Shah - Executive Director, BNI Hyderabad.
BNI ACE, has paved a new way of doing business for these newly added referral partners in the online world. ACE is an exciting mix of zealous entrepreneurs who are eager to take their businesses to the next level by using the BNI Online platform to diminish the boundaries between regions & countries.
Commenting on this occasion Raghav Gupta, Regional Director, BNI Jammu said, “We are absolutely delighted with the launch of our 4th chapter BNI ACE. With this launch we stand to cross the 140+ membership mark for the Jammu region. With the vision of 700+ members and 12 chapters by 2025, Jammu region will continue to help business owners grow globally.
Dimpi Gupta, Regional Director, BNI Jammu added that BNI helps its members generate quality business through effective referral system, contacts and connections, networking education and training. The idea behind BNI is to help members increase their business through a structured, positive and professional business networking and referral program that enables them to develop long-term, meaningful relationships with quality business professionals.
Vivek Bhardwaj, Support Director – BNI ACE chapter informed that, the Forbes Magazine had named BNI in the list of Top 3 Essential Local Small Business Associations you should belong to in the current ever evolving business space.
BNI chapters across Jammu welcome local business professionals to visit their weekly networking meeting.The chapter is lead by the founding Leadership Team, Mr. Sunil Singh Sambyal – President, Mr. Rajan Gupta – Vice President, Mr. Shobit Mahajan – Secretary Treasurer.

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