Love the roles the Almighty has assigned me: Kiran Bakshi

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Principal of GCW Gandhi Nagar, Dr. Kiran Bakshi is a simple woman who always aspired to become a good human being and help the mankind. She comes to college early in the morning and stays till late evening, managing and developing the institute with a missionary zeal.

TNN: What inspired you to enter the field of education?

Dr. Kiran: I entered the field of education with a will to do something for the society. I find this profession very noble and with a power to convert a common man into a responsible citizen of society. Also, I like the fact that this is the mother of all professions in the world.

TNN: Tell us about your education and early life

Dr. Kiran: My father was a lawyer who practiced in Jammu and Kashmir High Court, so my early education story was a little weird. I used to study in Jammu for six months and then for the next six months I shifted to Srinagar. This went on till I took admission in GCW, Parade for my graduation. Then I did my Post Graduation in Philosophy from Aligarh Muslim University after which I joined the Higher Education Department.

TNN: Tell us something about your journey as an educationist.

Dr. Kiran: In 1981, I joined the department of higher education, J&K as a lecturer in Philosophy. My first joining was as a lecturer in GCW, Gandhi Nagar, and now I am posted here as principal. While working in different colleges as lecturer, I completed my Ph.D. and D.Litt. in the same subject. After working for more than 25 years as professor, I joined GCW Udhampur as principal in 2007.

TNN: What is your philosophy of life?

Dr. Kiran: I always worked hard and have always liked the Indian values and have followed them all through my life.

TNN: Tell us something about your family life.

Dr. Kiran: I live with my husband and mother-in-law. My two kids include a son who is an engineer working with a MNC and a daughter pursuing Ph.D. in English. Both of my kids are happily married and settled now.

TNN: Being a wife, mother, daughter and then principal of a big institution, isn’t it hard to find time for self-improvement?

Dr. Kiran: No! I never struggled to find time for myself. I had the support of my family; they always know when I need to be left alone with myself. There are days, when I have a very tight work schedule and it becomes hard to give time to my family but they always understand and that inspires me to become a better person every day. I do it for them.

TNN: What is your favourite role as a woman; a daughter, a wife, a mother or a principal of a women college?

Dr. Kiran: All of these. I enjoy being a daughter, being a wife, being a mother and being a professional. I like to attain perfection in everything and hence love all the roles the Almighty has assigned me in this life.

TNN: What do you consider your highest achievement till now?

Dr. Kiran: I am still waiting for it on the professional level but as a woman, having such a strong family bond and successful kids is what that can be called my biggest achievement.

TNN: What do you like to do in your leisure time?

Dr. Kiran: Although I don’t get much of free time but whenever I get some, I like to spend it by reading, writing and thinking of ways and means of bringing positive change in the society.

TNN: As a person what are your objectives or long term goals?

Dr. Kiran: I never see what had to be done; I always see what needs to be done. This is my mission. I start afresh every morning, I have a focused eye and I want to do the best for the institution I am working presently.

TNN: Any message to the readers?

Dr. Kiran: Try to become good human beings. Have a sense of belongingness, respect elders and even youngers too. Focus on your goals. Any student who has a power of curiosity and patience can achieve success. Be that. All the best.

—Akanksha Gupta

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