GMC&H record uncaps shocking revelations- 822 people make abortive life bids, 74 succumb

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Alarming rise in suicide cases in Jammu


JAMMU: Be it family tensions or the academic or others cause, surprisingly the current year saw an alarming increase in suicide cases across Jammu province, particularly by teens and youths in the age group of 12-35 years, an indicator towards a ‘menace’ is indicated in Government Medical College and Hospital (GMC&H) Jammu records.

As per the data accessed by The News Now, till July 31 this year, at least 822 people tried to end their life by consuming poisonous substances, hanging themselves from ceiling fans or trees, jumping off the river bridges and taking sleeping pills in excess or due to drug overdose.

“Of 822 people who took extreme steps to end their life, 74 lives could not be saved,” the hospital data reads.

As compared to the corresponding previous year (2016), 1273 people attempted to kill themselves and lives of 136 people could not be saved atleast 822 people have made abortive life bids by this July 31 which is a pointer towards a menace –eating up the young generation.

When contacted Dr Jagdish Raj Thappa, Head of the Department of Psychiatry, Government Medical College and Hospital (GMC&H) Jammu, who deals with and counsel extreme cases of depression, claims that people have become “no-stress-tolerant” owing to which they find death as the “way out” to come out of their problems.

Senior consultant psychiatrist Dr Thappa deliberating upon the issue said people, especially youngsters are also committing or attempting suicide due to failure in examinations, failed love life, rising unemployment, lack of supervision by the parents, uncertainty about future and due to comparison with others.

Giving his expert opinion, he said, “The suicidal tendency among married people is less than the unmarried people. “However, this tendency among the divorced couple is quite high,” he added

On availability of expert counseling facilities to stressed youth, he regretted that there is just one medical psychologist with a reputed institution like GMC&H Jammu. “On odd days, you will not find any doctor to counsel the needy youths,” he lamented.

He however said that the Psychology Department of Jammu University has been producing the post graduates in Psychology every year sadly enough this lot is not trained in clinical practices.

Here it is worth to mention that the number of men among the people who ended their life this year was quite higher than women, girls and boys, as there were 50 (Almost 68%) men among the total 74 people who died. The official records further revealed that there were 17 women, 04 girls and 03 boys among the deceased.

“Highest 34 men, 11 women, 04 girls and 02 boys died of poisoning while 14 men, 05 women and one boy committed suicide by hanging themselves from ceiling fans or trees, records said, adding, “one male died of drug overdose, another by consuming kerosene oil while a woman jumped off the Tawi Bridge to end her life.

But what is disturbing about the latest trend is about 16 cases of drug overdose were registered with Government Medical College and Hospital Jammu and of them, one male didn’t respond to treatment and succumbed to fatality of drug overdose.

Record also revealed that highest number of men i.e. 352 men made abortive bids on life by consuming poison followed by 228 women consuming poisonous substances to end their life. Besides this odd 53 boys and 79 girls consumed poisonous materials but they were saved by timely medicare.

Meanwhile four men and two women tried to kill themselves by hanging from the ceiling fans and trees but were saved whilst one male, one woman and one girl jumped off the bridges to kill themselves in the seven months but they also were saved.

However woman tried to kill herself by consuming rat poison, a man made abortive bid on life by consuming acid, a CRPF constable consumed hair dye, a woman took tablets in excess and another woman cut her wrist. Similarly a male also made an abortive bid on life by cutting his wrist, 02 consumed sedative tablets in excess, a youth also consumed tablets in excess, one male and a girl were admitted to hospital due to sleeping pills’ overdose while a male also jumped off the river bridge but was rescued.

“Whatever the reason be but the trend of committing suicide especially among the youth group is shocking and it needs to be dealt with through the expert counseling,” said another expert from GMC&H Jammu

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