PMO become catalytic agent infusing new energy into system, says PM Modi

TNN Bureau. Updated: 6/11/2024 12:49:41 AM Front Page

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi said Monday his office has become a "catalytic agent" which infuses new energy and dynamism into the system, and claimed that it used to be seen as a big power centre 10 years ago.
Addressing staffers of the Prime Minister's Office (PMO) after he began this third term, Modi said his only goal is "nation first" and his only motivation "Viksit Bharat", adding that this was his expectation from them as well.
"My every moment is for the country," Modi said, asserting that he has promised to work round the clock to achieve the goal of India becoming a developed country by 2047.
The PMO should be for service and it should be a people's PMO and not Modi's, he said, adding that he was not born to rule and he does not think about accumulating power.
The prime minister said the 140 crore people of India are always on his mind and he considers them a form of God.
In the last three months, Modi, in an apparent reference to the election campaign, said he witnessed their strength, dedication and energy for a new resolve.
That is why people have again given him the opportunity to serve the country, Modi said, a day after he was sworn in to office.
According to an official statement, he said, "We have tried to develop the PMO as a catalytic agent which becomes a source of new energy and inspiration."
He underlined that those who are part of his team have no constraints of either time or ideas. "Entire nation has faith in this team," Modi said.
The prime minister took the opportunity to thank those who have been a part of his team and also reached out to those who wish to join and become a part of the journey of "Viksit Bharat" for the next five years and dedicate themselves to nation building.
He said he wanted to take the nation to new heights and exhorted his team to breach the global benchmark while outperforming the work done in the last 10 years. "We must take the nation to the heights no other nation has ever achieved," Modi said.
He said prerequisites of success are clarity of thought, faith in conviction and the character to act. "If we have these three things, then I don't believe failure will be anywhere near."
Lauding employees of the government of India who dedicated themselves to a vision, he said they deserve a huge share of credit for the government's achievements. "These elections put a stamp of approval on the efforts of government employees," Modi said.
He encouraged the team to develop new ideas and boost the scale of work being done. "The prime minister concluded the address by throwing light on the secret of his energy and said that a successful person is one that keeps the student within him alive," the statement said.

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