Voting pattern in Baramulla portend emergence of new political forces in kmr…!

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Assembly polls on mind, traditional parties feel threatened ….?

Jammu: Political heat that prevailed for over 2 months for Parliamentary polls has waned and so has the dust settled on speculations post its results in every state. In sensitive UT of J&K, the result of only one seat –that of Baramulla has triggered political turbulence to the extent of not just shocking statement from ex Chief minister but also generating competitive stances over victory of Engineer Rashid.
Assembly polls on mind, are the regional parties feeling threatened of possible emergence of ‘new force’ which may dismantle their bastions completely….? NC leader Omar Abdullah’s position on Engineer Rashid post latter’s victory was bound to draw criticism for more than just reason. Omar in fact contradicted his own party’s stand on ‘secessionism’ and the connotations it has been giving from time to time to related to issues. So why did he attribute Rashid’s victory to the ‘assumption’ that it would renew the thought of insurgency or encourage secessionist forces….? It is neither his fear nor any caution call for anyone for every single politician of Kashmir knows very well the very fine line that separates mainstream political party and one having secessionist inclinations. All in fact know when to thrive and benefit from such stances, be it in Assembly, Parliament or during polls.
Engineer Rashid is not first time winner nor naïve in the political spectrum of J&K. Post abrogation of Article 370 almost all political bigwigs were detained and later released. What are the charges that made him land in Tihar jail is entirely a different subject on which law will take own course. However, what remains astonishing is the observation which is being made post his stunning victory on the result graph of LS polls.
It goes without saying when Engineer Rashid became MLA twice from his segment Langate, he fought under the same constitution on which everyone else did. Though his inclinations within and outside the Assembly have remained different, no party or any leader would then point finger of such secessionist portends. Majority as we have seen, would remain silent and sometimes support his gestures. But, from no quarter of political class of Kashmir accusations would come as labeling him fostering secessionism or empowering such forces.
Surprisingly, when the comment came from Omar Abdullah, NC’s rival party PDP too plunged in the scene apparently to draw score in a kind of competitive race. In a bid to push NC aside, PDP leaders on various social media platforms indicated sympathy for Rashid and even noted timeline as to how many times the party vouched for his release.
Again a narrative neither reflecting any sympathy or concern, instead promotion of self serving interests which have become tough in the emerged voting pattern on this constituency of Kashmir. The fact remains both the regional parties have understood it well that no matter their wider political base, the new generation of voters have shown disillusionment towards the existing parties, even those which have emerged in last few years.

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