Wider participation of parties in fray led to ‘mainstreaming’ of masses for polling…!

Saroj Razdan. Updated: 5/27/2024 3:03:04 AM Front Page

Will this impact presence of new players for Assembly polls….?

Jammu: With polls over for all seats of UT, fate of all candidates has been sealed. Even the strongest stakeholder knows who the winner is for 3 seats of Kashmir and 2 in Jammu region, yet it is a bargain for losing parties too in many ways. They have not only made their presence felt on ground in a resonating way but majorly managed to pose challenge to NC and PDP in a big way, almost breaking their monopoly at the hustings for decades. This election offered them a platform for preparedness , no matter in half measure.
It’s not a random review instead a well analyzed scene by political observers who affirm that this Parliamentary poll saw many firsts in UT of J&K which will reflect positive results in Assembly elections which are speculated to be held this year. Apart of a robust and record turnout of voters on each constituency, it is the participation of more than just 2 or three parties in fray which evidently propelled a large number of people not just in rallies but also drove them towards booths on the voting day.
For analysts it doesn’t matter who will emerge winner in polls, what matters most is mainstreaming of people in huge numbers towards the democratic exercise not by any force instead voluntarily. While there is no denying the fact that both PDP and NC have a huge cadre base across valley, this was challenged this time by new parties like Apni Party, People’s Conference and Ghulam, DPAP in a reinforcing way. Whole hearted participation of all these parties from day one gave strong fight to NC and PDP and even made the contest look triangular.
It goes without saying post UT status over a dozen of new parties have emerged in J&K some of which were seen with suspicion and cynicism by the two old regional parties as they projected this as a ploy to divide the votes in Kashmir. Though for many years during turmoil, electoral politics and participation in this democratic exercise was not liked by masses, it was a reverse scenario this time. Apart from lesser know parties, Apni party, PC and DPAP played a vital role in changing the mindset of people, no matter they were seen as BJP’s proxy .
Interestingly, all through the phases of polls, BJP’s presence in Kashmir was conspicuous but it never named any party which it supported or canvassed for on any of the 3 seats. None of these parties may emerge winner but they have certainly impacted things on ground which will go a long way for them to gear up for Assembly polls.

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