Chugh accuses Farooq of misleading people of J&K

TNN Bureau. Updated: 4/13/2024 3:10:42 AM Front Page

SRINAGAR: BJP National General Secretary Tarun Chugh who is also the party incharge of Jammu and Kashmir, Friday blasted NC President Dr Farooq Abdullah for misleading people of the union territory and spreading a malicious propaganda against the Modi government.
Chugh said the Modi government has ushered in a new era of development and growth in JK which is becoming very uncomfortable for Farooq Abdullah to digest because all these years he has been harping on divisive and anti-national idiom of politics.
Chugh said it is high time that Farooq stopped seeing things in JK from the Italian glasses. “In the last seven decades Abdullahs, Mufits and Congress family leaders have done nothing positive for the people of JK. Violence, killings, stone pelting, strikes were the norm of the day in their times. And when BJP makes efforts for welfare and well-being of people they are trying to incite masses against ruling dispensation instead of accepting their crimes they committed in their regimes on hapless people of Jammu and Kashmir,” Chugh said.
He said since Article 370 was abrogated, Kashmir has become a new land of opportunities and development where the youth can look beyond guns and bullets and talk about computers and sports. There is a distinct sigh of relief among the people in J&K as they were stuck in the clutches of dynastic political parties who use common masses as canon fodder. People are living a peaceful life, business has flourished, tourism has broken all previous records, international tourists are visiting JK, roads and tunnels have been constructed at a greater pace and youth have been provided livelihood opportunities. This is what BJP did in the last five years,” chugh said.
Chugh advised the NC President to look at things going around without the spectacles of Italy. “Dr Farooq should accept all the nefarious designs that he wove to keep himself in power by fooling the people of JK, ” said Chugh adding that Abdullah should accept the developments BJP did in the last five years across the country in general and J&K in particular.

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