JKP takes cognizance of alleged scuffle

TNN Bureau. Updated: 4/11/2024 2:31:19 AM Front Page

Jammu: The Jammu and Kashmir Police today warned of strict action against spread of baseless posts intending to disrupt peace by playing the role of communal flare in district Rajouri.
“Due to a prevailing dispute /confrontation over a path, some people entered into a verbal duel in the Galhan area of Teryath tehsil in Rajouri district.
Verbal duel turned into a scuffle between a few people in which a man also received minor injury. Immediately village elders, respectables and police intervened and got the matter pacified.
The matter is being inquired by police and civil administration where people from all walks of life have already attended a meeting after the incident vowing to maintain peace and order.
Amid all this, a few people have shared social media posts that people on the way to offer Eid prayers were stopped and beaten up but this claim is purely devoid of facts and confrontation/scuffle over a path dispute has been diverted towards communal issues.
Police are strictly warned against spread of such baseless posts and warned of strict legal action against those who will try to disrupt peace by playing the role of communal flare over the issue.
Those using social media should understand that giving communal touch to a scuffle over land / path dispute can cause unrest in society.
Hence, the claim of attack relating it with Eid prayers is strictly rebutted”, said police’s handout.

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