First LS poll where corrupt people rallying together to stop action on corruption: PM

TNN Bureau. Updated: 4/3/2024 12:10:46 AM Front Page

Highlights his govt's decisions like abrogation of Art 370 in J&K, construction of Ram temple

Jaipur: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday hit out at the opposition INDIA bloc and said this is the first Lok Sabha election in which the corrupt are rallying together to stop action on corruption.
He also said Congress leaders are threatening that if the BJP wins, the country will be on fire. "Modi has been extinguishing such fires for the last 10 years," the prime minister said while addressing a public rally in Rajasthan's Kotputali.
Speaking about the country's development, Modi said a lot happened in the last 10 years but whatever happened was just a "trailer", a lot still has to be done.
He asserted that the third term of the BJP-led government will be about taking "historic decisions".
"This election is to uproot corruption, to fulfil the dream of self-reliant India, to resolve for the prosperity of the farmers and to provide tap water to every household...but the Congress and its INDI Alliance are fighting the elections not for the country but for their own selfish motives," Modi said.
He said this is the first election in which family-based parties are holding rally after rally to save their families.
"This is the first election in which all corrupt people are rallying together to stop action on corruption. I say remove corruption, they say save the corrupt," he said.
Modi made the remarks days after the INDIA bloc held a rally in New Delhi to protest against the arrest of Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal by the Enforcement Directorate in a money laundering case.
"Congress people have started showing their dangerous intentions. This election is very important to save the country's future and to make the lives of future generations prosperous," he said.
The prime minister said he was not born to have fun but to work hard for the welfare of the country.
He said that this Lok Saha election is not a normal election, it is an election of the resolve for development of India and making it the third largest economy in the world.
"This is the first election in which big leaders of the Congress are not talking about winning the polls, but they are threatening that if the BJP wins, the country will be on fire," he said.
Modi said that he has been there for 10 years and extinguishing the fires set by them.
He said that during the Congress' term, India was known as the "world's largest arms importer" and today the country is an arms exporter.
The prime minister said he has taken the decisions awaited for decades.
"That is why some people have started saying that so much has happened, Modi ji, what is left now, now take rest. But such people forget that Modi was not born to have fun...Modi is born to work hard," he said.
He highlighted his government's decisions like abrogation of Article 370, construction of Ram temple in Ayodhya and a law on triple talaq.
"When I talk about the development of India and when I take action against corruption, people from the Congress and INDI Alliance abuse Modi," he said.
The prime minister said that the BJP takes the pledge of 'nation first', while the Congress party is looking for an opportunity to loot the country.
"Today, on one side is BJP which considers the country bigger than its family, and on the other side, there is Congress which considers its family bigger than the country. The BJP is making India proud in the world while the Congress abuses the country abroad," he said, adding for him, India is his family.
He alleged that the Congress never got time to take care of farmers, workers and labourers.
"Modi provided the facility of 'One Nation One Ration Card', launched pension scheme for them. Our government is giving free ration to 80 crore people. The government has decided that free ration will continue for the next five years. I cannot think of someone sleeping empty stomach," he said.
Modi said the Congress party is being seen as the root cause of every problem in the country.
"There was poverty in the country because of the Congress. The party did not allow the Army to be self-reliant. During the time of Congress, India was known as the world's largest arms importer, today it is an arms exporter. The country has exported defence goods worth Rs 21,000 crore. India sells Made in India weapons to more than 80 countries," he said.
The prime minister also sought votes for party candidate from Jaipur Rural seat Rao Rajendra Singh in the rally.
Chief Minister Bhajanlal Sharma and other senior BJP leaders were present in the rally.

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