Blame game of politicians on Article 370 begins…!

Saroj Razdan. Updated: 3/1/2024 3:14:02 AM Front Page

Why didn’t Azad resign as LoP when it was scrapped…..?

Jammu: With poll fever gradually picking up, political parties have begun to point fingers and indulge in blame game on various issues, Article 370 being rallying point for all to whip up sentiments. Veteran politician Ghulam Nabi Azad’s latest statement substantiates this as a ‘prelude’ to hit rivals that would be seen as a response in offing.
While ruling BJP is apparently all expected to rake this up not just in UT of J&K but entire country during the course of campaign trail, other political parties in J&K in all likelihood would fan the sentiments yet again by hitting out primarily BJP, and each other for the stand they took or exhibited when it was scrapped.
Azad took the lead by hitting out mainly NC , PDP and even Congress of which he was a part at that point of time. Pertinently, Azad was Leader of Opposition when BJP announced scrapping of this Article in the Parliament. Undoubtedly, Azad looked visibly disturbed and vehemently opposed the move. The tone and tenor of his speech was loaded with strong expressions that reflected he was quite upset. On the contrary, the NC MPs looked far from being in agitation mode, no matter the sudden move came as a distressing development for them too. Azad is right in drawing comparison in context of strong expressions in speech and related gestures.
However, he falters on one point that Congress as his parent party at that was never against scrapping of Article 370, instead opposed the ‘way’ government did it. Inside or outside of Parliament, all its tall leaders never said that abolition of the Article was wrong. All of its legal luminaries and leaders in general laid thrust on the procedural aspects rather than on political implications, evidently for the sake of its own political interests.
Ghulam Nabi Azad, as a leader from J&K, in order to express his anger and resentment could have resigned as LOP, a step which would have been seen him as person of strong moral values rather than mere politician and could have certainly put him on a higher moral pedestal now, when he is pointing fingers at other parties. Had Congress voted against the move in Upper House where the party had its strength, perhaps it could have put hardships for government in its smooth passage in the House. However, let bygones be bygones, at least in case of Azad as an individual, but that makes his argument of ‘only he’ in House raising voice makes it weak political statement.
As for NC and PDP, the less said, the better over their position on Article 370 before or after its scrapping. Both did nothing during the course of its so called dilution obviously for the sake power, yet both kept fanning the emotions of common masses and garnered huge political gains out of this during elections everytime. So this time round, wonder whether they have any morality left to rake it up again….?

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