LS polls imminent, J&K Cong in ‘quiet’ mode...!

Saroj Razdan. Updated: 2/13/2024 1:56:54 AM Front Page

Aggressive organizational activities missing across UT

Jammu: With Parliamentary polls looming large, J&K Congress appears to be in ‘sleepy’ mode for many reasons. No poll specific activities nor any headway observed vis-à-vis shortlisting the candidates for two vital Jammu seats. The scenario is in sharp contrast to aggressive activities within the party happening across the country, including neighboring Punjab where leaders are giving tough competition to rival parties.
In the name of preparations, the party so far has assigned responsibilities to senior leaders for various roles. The new tasks so assigned are meant for pushing the entire unit in a state of momentum but organizational activities are nowhere to be seen. Ironically, fresh responsibilities have been assigned to strengthen organizational activities and coordinate/supervise the activities of various cells with an eye on LS polls.
Sources within the party admitted no regular meetings are happening at any level. At a time when other parties are seen in ‘war mode’, fast gearing up their preparations at district and block levels and working very hard in mobilizing their cadres across UT, even at places where they have no stakes, Congress appears to be complete lack of direction with leaders engaging themselves randomly in such activities which may indeed be a part of any party but unneeded at this point of time.
The party president is not giving swift and speedy directions to leaders to ‘take off’ aggressively in an organized manner in their respective areas, to begin with. Roster of poll events may be in offing, but preliminary activities in a consistent manner is not happening as of now, said the sources.
No pocketwise worker meetings are taking place nor any district or block level meetings have been seen. J&K unit leadership and cadres normally get active and put up shows of solidarity at party events, mostly when the national level functionaries visit UT. However, when this mobilizing spirit is needed most, it is so far not visible.
The UT leadership is also clueless of shortlisting the candidates, no matter the final call on this has to be taken by the high command. So called ‘searching’ may well be going on, but this has only added to state of confusion among the leaders, especially those who consider themselves as front runners for strong probable candidates. This is one of the reasons why activities are not happening in an aggressive manner, confided a senior leader.
J&K unit of Congress no matter has rejuvenated itself lately in some ways and it has come a long way in terms of coming out of complete hibernation for over three years but the leaders have diverted their energies only in protests against the government. This is inherent part, but important thrust at the moment has to be on polls. The leadership looks complacent and the leaders expecting some ‘miracle’ results to happen without rigorous activities…?

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