Will bring back era of devp, peace in J&K: Azad

TNN Bureau. Updated: 2/13/2024 1:56:05 AM Front Page

Jammu: Emphasising the importance of Hindu-Muslim unity, Chairman, Democratic Progressive Azad Party (DPAP), Ghulam Nabi Azad, on Monday, urged the public to support leaders who prioritise humanity and development for all, regardless of religion or caste.
“In a hospital, we do not inquire about the religion or caste of the blood we need. Similarly, why should we divide people based on such distinctions during elections? I vow to never discriminate and work tirelessly for the progress and upliftment of all,” Azad said, addressing a public meeting in Kalakote tehsil of Rajouri district in Jammu and Kashmir.
He fervently appealed for peace and unity while committing to fostering job opportunities and development, drawing parallels to his impactful tenure as Chief Minister.
Azad highlighted his significant contributions to the development of Rajouri, including the establishment of a medical college and the sanctioning of crucial infrastructure projects such as roads, hospitals, districts, and schools.
He said, “If you believe my government was the best in the last 75 years, then lend me your support. Together, we can achieve even greater milestones, including the creation of more jobs, roads, hospitals, bridges, and provisions such as free electricity for the needy.”
He expressed his commitment to addressing poverty and ensuring access to essential services. He emphasised, “Despite my efforts, poverty persists, and many struggle to afford electricity bills.”
“Therefore, if entrusted with power, we will provide free electricity to those in need." Azad reaffirmed his commitment to reinstating the Roshni scheme, citing its significant benefits for the underprivileged.
He said, while acknowledging any misuse of the scheme, the government should have taken appropriate action. However, the scheme has undeniably uplifted many impoverished families.
Azad also highlighted his party's stance on land eviction orders, stating, “We vehemently protested against such orders to ensure that no poor person would be adversely affected. Our priority is to safeguard the rights and welfare of the poor and needy.”

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