Govt committed to development of tribal communities: Union Minister

TNN Bureau. Updated: 2/12/2024 1:28:11 AM Front Page

New Delhi: Union minister for tribal affairs, Arjun Munda, on Sunday said that the government is committed to the development of tribal communities while preserving their socio-cultural heritage.
Notably, three bills were passed by Parliament to fulfil the long-pending demands of tribal communities in Jammu and Kashmir, Andhra Pradesh, and Odisha, an official release from the ministry of tribal affairs said.
The Constitution (Jammu and Kashmir) Scheduled Tribes Order (Amendment) Bill, 2024, was passed by the Parliament to include ‘Pahari Ethnic Group, Paddari Tribe, Koli, and Gadda Brahmin’ communities in the list of STs of the UT of Jammu and Kashmir.
The Rajya Sabha passed the bill on February 9 to amend the Constitution (Jammu & Kashmir) Scheduled Tribes Order, 1989 with respect to the UT of J&K. Earlier, the Bill had been passed by the Lok Sabha on February 6.
Earlier, the Constitution (Scheduled Tribes) Order (Amendment) Bill, 2024 in respect of Andhra Pradesh and the Constitution (Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes) Orders (Amendment) Bill, 2024 in respect of Odisha were passed by the Lok Sabha on February 8 in order to effect inclusions in their respective lists of Scheduled Tribes.
Union minister of state for tribal affairs Bharati Pravin Pawar moved the Amendment Bill in Lok Sabha. The bill was earlier passed by the Rajya Sabha on February 6.
The minister said that the government is committed to the welfare of tribal communities in the country. She said that with this bill, the particularly vulnerable tribal groups will get justice, the release said.
After the bills become an act, members of the communities newly listed in the revised list of Scheduled Tribes of J&K, Andhra Pradesh and Odisha will also be able to derive benefits meant for STs under the existing schemes of the government, it said.
Some of the major schemes run by the ministry of tribal affairs include pre- and post-matriculation scholarship, National Overseas Scholarship, National Fellowship and Scholarship Schemes, along with concessional loans from National Scheduled Tribes Finance and Development Corporation, Hostels for ST boys and girls, etc.
In addition to the above, they will also be entitled to the benefits of reservation in services and admission to educational institutions as per Government policy.

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