J&K admin’s online e-office system crashes

Vikram Sharma. Updated: 2/10/2024 12:52:58 PM Front Page

Online movement of digitized files hampered; technical glitch reported

JAMMU: Since past one week, the government online operations have come to a screeching halt as its e-office system has stopped functioning bringing many works to a standstill.
The snag was reported on Friday last when there was an abrupt disruption in the system that blocked the online movement of the digital files hampering the entire process.
The civil secretariat official informed that “e-office system” crashed on Friday last due to a technical glitch and has remained disrupted since then.
“Since it is a major breakdown and the issue was reported to the commissioner secretary of the information technology department who chaired a meeting on Tuesday evening and assured early resumption of the system. The IT officials are working on the snag and trying to resolve the issue as soon as possible,” said one of the officials from the Information Technology Department.
However, in its eighth day today, the error has not been yet identified and resolved as the system still hangs in balance. The movement of the digital files has come to standstill and the public works disposals have been affected, said a civil secretariat official.
The e-office system was introduced in 2021 while the government of Jammu and Kashmir had switched over partially to online mode after 2019 wherein 45 government departments had to switch to e-office from May 2021. The remaining 92 had to shift to this mode from June 15 in the same year.
The official informed that Rail Tel, a public sector undertaking, had been given the tender to install, operate and then hand over the e-office system to Jammu and Kashmir administration.
“They installed the e-office system and had set up a help desk to train the IT staff,” he said.
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