Defying Bio-Medical Waste disposal norms; defaulters warned, action soon

Vikram Sharma. Updated: 12/5/2023 2:14:09 AM Front Page

JAMMU: As most of the health institutions in Jammu and Kashmir are openly ‘defying’ the Bio-Medical Waste Disposal norms and have failed to install treatment plants, UT government is all likely to take the cognizance of the defaulters.
Quite often the State Pollution Control Board (SPCB), issues warning to nursing homes and health centres to comply with the orders issued by the government from time to time, or be prepared for the closure of their units.
“After taking action against the private nursing homes that do not have proper health infrastructure in Jammu and Kashmir, the government will take action against those who do not have proper disposal facilities”, said a senior officer from the Pollution Control Board.
In accordance to rule 5 (2) of BioMedical Waste Management and Handling Rules 1998 (Amended 2003 it is mandatory for every occupier to set up bio medical waste treatment facilities like incinerators, autoclave, microwave system for the treatment of waste or ensure treatment of waste at a common waste treatment facility or any other treatment facility. But in J&K very few Health institutions have installed this facility.
It has been observed in some of the health care centres the bio medical water generated is not managed and disposed of in accordance with the Bio-Medical Waste (BMW) rules and no proper records regarding quantity of infectious waste, the method of treatment and disposal are being maintained.
As per the warning issued by the PCB, “All health care establishments were advised to pursue the BMW rules or else the authorization granted by the J&K SPCB will be withdrawn and cancelled under the rules. Defaulters liable to be prosecuted under the provisions of the environment protection act 1986 which may include closure of the centre ''.
Officials said that there are clear directions that those health centres who have tied up with any of the Common Bio Medical Waste Treatment Facility (CBWTF) in the private sector must ensure that the waste collected by CBWTF is actually being disposed off scientifically and in BMW rules and does not find its way into any water body or is not illegally sold off to scrap dealers or mixed with municipal solid waste.
It is pertinent to mention here that nearly 60 private nursing homes operating in Jammu and Kashmir had faced the heat of government, after the Health Department constituted an inspection committee with directions to submit a detailed report to the government.
The former health minister in erstwhile govt said , “Though we may again face some bottlenecks as Private Nursing Home act has not been amended since 1963, but UT is determined to act tough”.
Majority of private nursing homes are functioning in gross violation of the directions of the apex court on the issue. Most of the nursing homes were allegedly money minting shops which, besides charging the patients exorbitantly, fail to provide proper treatment due to lack of required equipment and other facilities.

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