FASTag enabled parking to be launched in Transport Nagar

Navneet Dubey. Updated: 12/4/2023 2:09:41 AM Front Page

Jammu: Jammu Development Authority (JDA) will launch a second FASTag-enabled Parking Management System at Transport Nagar in the Narwal area. The FASTag parking is likely to be launched in the New Year which will give a smooth cashless, paperless, entry-exit experience to thousands of commuters who visit there daily. Last year the first FASTag-enabled Parking Management System was launched at Multi-Level Car Parking General Bus Stand Jammu.
Transport Nagar houses the Inter State Bus Terminal; besides, a large number of vehicles come here for repair and allied works. There is movement of about one thousand small and big vehicles every day. The FASTag system will not only strengthen the parking system but will also bring transparency. It will also get rid of the contracting system because workers will be needed to oversee the system.
Initially, JDA is likely to continue this arrangement with its employees. However, care will also be taken to ensure that those working in Transport Nagar do not face any problems. JDA is currently making arrangements to start this system on a trial basis. JDA's entry and exit gates can be made on Narwal Road. The process of inviting companies for this has been started.
With the implementation of FASTag enabled Parking Management System, the driver will not need to pay separate parking charges. Money will be deducted from their account automatically. Apart from this, due to the computerized system, the time of entry and exit of the vehicle from the parking will be known and money will be deducted accordingly.
The parking would work through an app called Park+ where Jammu residents by using this app can now discover, book, and prepay for a parking spot. Additionally, they can also use the FASTag on their car to pay for a parking spot, without any human intervention, a second-of-its-kind initiative in Jammu.
As per JDA official- After launching it at the main bus stand, FASTag enabled Parking Management System can be started on a trial basis in Transport Nagar and the process has been initiated keeping in view the influx of vehicles. While launching this initiative here the local transporters and other stakeholders will be taken into confidence so that they do not face any inconvenience. This will be a different arrangement in itself. Companies intending to run parking have been invited and it is likely to be expected to start from next year.

Updated On 12/4/2023 2:19:16 AM

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