Decorated soldier named as ambassador for campaign

TNN Bureau. Updated: 9/23/2023 1:07:34 AM Front Page

Retired Army Captain Singh nominated as ambassador for "war against waste"

Jammu: The Directorate of Rural Sanitation of Jammu and Kashmir on Friday nominated retired army Captain Bana Singh, a Param Vir Chakra recipient, as the ambassador for its "war against waste" initiative.
Making the announcement at the Captain Bana Singh Stadium at R S Pura on the outskirts of Jammu during the ongoing "Swachhata Hi Seva" campaign, Rural Sanitation Director Charandeep Singh said the "war against waste" initiative aims to address the pressing issues of waste management and environmental conservation in rural areas.
The campaign is being conducted from September 15 to October 2 to generate a mass movement through community participation and reinforce the concept of sanitation as everyone's business.
"Captain Singh joining the cause will raise awareness, promote sustainable practices, and inspire local communities to actively participate in waste reduction and preservation of Jammu and Kashmir's natural splendour," the director said.
He said Captain Singh, whose distinguished military service has been widely recognised for valour and dedication, now takes on a new mission to protect and preserve the pristine beauty of Jammu and Kashmir by leading the charge against waste and pollution.
Addressing the gathering, Captain Singh said, "Just as I dedicated my life to defending our country, I am now committed to defending our environment. Jammu and Kashmir's natural beauty is a national treasure and we must ensure it remains pristine for generations to come."
At the event, around 2,000 people, including students and shopkeepers, took a "swachhata" (cleanliness) pledge.

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