In changed turf of UT, no space for rhetoric, old narratives…!

Saroj Razdan. Updated: 9/20/2023 2:57:31 AM Front Page

Time for NC, PDP to set new goal posts ……?

Jammu: Do some political parties intend to push situation in J&K back to square one merely for the purpose of meeting political goals…? Even a political naïve person comprehends this as truth , yet it is ‘no holds barred’ tendency of such leaders to issue statements which can stir the sentiments of people who empathize with Pakistan or yearn for an atmosphere in which interests of only separatist sentiment remains afloat.
NC Patron Farooq Abdullah’s statements post August 2019 and PDP President Mehbooba Mufti’s periodic utterances in similar tone and tenor despite being opponents are deciphered only in that direction. These are not ‘foot in mouth’ speaks but calculated, well timed and well designed widely to address their political constituencies which are on same ground and turf.
However, this time round, Farooq hit a wrong chord at an inappropriate time while he begged for holding talks with Pakistan. At a time when nation was mourning martyrdom of three bravehearts including one police office from Kashmir, Farooq Abdullah contended if peace has to usher in J&K and violence has to end, both India and Pakistan should put their ego aside and hold talks with each other. One wonders talks on what agenda and with whom he wishes if at all these were to happen.
The NC veteran is no so naïve to understand much water has flowed down the rivers and tremendous changes are taking place fast across UT for the last few years. Yet, it is solely for the purpose of keeping certain sentiment alive or reignite it, to say it aptly.
Both NC and PDP leadership’s conduct has been ‘all guns blaze’ against Narender Modi led NDA government for apparent reasons. This conduct shifts with shift in power equilibrium, implying while in power or alliance with BJP all is well and everything is fair, and while out of power both New Delhi, especially BJP is anti Kashmir and the party is untouchable for them, forgetting completely their ‘camaraderie’ from time to time.
This time, while no one took Farooq’s statement seriously, it only enraged people across the country, who vouched forget about talks, India should not have ties at the level of sports and even entertainment with that country. Political Pundits suggest at a time when J&K is witnessing changes for good, this conduct of some politicians will only push the people especially youth once again to guns, jails and graveyards. Law and order undoubtedly is improved beyond imagination and people are living normal lives. It is time for NC and PDP leadership to set new political goalposts and sell new political narratives…..!

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