PHQ takes action on non-compliance of transfer orders

Sumit Sharma. Updated: 9/19/2023 2:09:13 AM Front Page

Ask different wings to relieve personnel before Sept 25, submit departure reports

Jammu: Taking the cognizance of non compliance of the orders of transfers and posting of police officials , Police Headquarters (PHQ) on Monday issued communication with the heads of different wings of Jammu and Kashmir Police directing them to relieve under transfer cops and shared their departure reports with it.
Authoritative sources told The News Now that PHQ after noticing that wings heads are not serious about the transfers and adjustment orders of police officials and officers made by it.
Taking the cognizance of the reports, PHQ issued communiqué to the Director General Prosecution, Director ACB, Director FSL, All DDOS of Jammu and Kashmir Police, Special DGP CID/Crime , ADGP Armed, ADGP Security, ADGP Railways, Directors SKPA Udhampur/SSG , ADGP Jammu zone, ADGP Kashmir zone,IGP traffic/ Technical Services / Directors SSF / Telecommunication, Commandants JKAP , Principals of all Police Training Centers and Medical Superintendents of Police, Srinagar and Jammu.
The communiqué issued in this connection read as, “All the police personnel who are under orders of transfer / adjustment in terms of various PHQ orders and have not been relieved to their new places of postings till date, shall be relieved by or before 25th of September, 2023 . Their relieving orders alongwith departure reports be shared with PHQ”.

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