14 J&K jails to get T-HCBS for blocking illegal phone calls

Navneet Dubey. Updated: 5/26/2023 2:25:04 AM Front Page

Jammu: To address the issue of illegal and unauthorised telephone communication in jails of Jammu and Kashmir, the UT home department has accorded administrative approval for installation of “Tower Harmonious Call Blocking System” (T-HCBS) across 14 jails of J&K.
As per sources the installation of T-HCBS has been necessitated, after jammers installed across various jails had became less effective and unproductive in blocking mobile signals after the introduction of 4G services in the country. As per experts the HCBS is ideal for blocking 2G, 3G and 4G signals that could later also be suitable for 5G. The installation of towers of a harmonious call blocking system would block incoming/outgoing calls, SMS’ and data services in prison premises.
The decision to install the T-HCBS across 14 jails of J&K was taken couple of days back in Administrative Council meeting. The Concurrence of the Finance Department was conveyed vide U.0 No. FD/BGTOD-2/1/2022-03-FD-(116195) dated 08.05.2023. A letter number PS/DG/ Prisons/64 dated 17.02.2023, from Director General Prisons, J&K. Government Order No. : Home- pte3 of 2023 D ATED: 25-05-2023 In terms of SO 15 of 2020 dated 09.01.2020 read with SO 217 of 2021 dated 01.07.2021.
The proposal involves financial outlay of Rs 21. 26 crore. Of which, Rs 19.04 crore is one time cost and Rs 1.76 crore is recurring cost per annum on account of rent to passive infrastructure providers @Rs 26000 per telecom service provider(TSP) per month per tower-HCBS) and Rs 0.56 crore on account of annual maintenance charge @ Rs 1 lakh per TSP per annum.
As per order by R.K. Goyal Financial Commissioner, additional Chief Secretary, administrative approval is hereby accorded to the project "Installation of Harmonious Call Blocking System (T-HCBS) across 14 Jails of UT of J&K" . The funds shall be utilized for the purpose for which these have been released after fulfilling all codal formalities and no diversion/ re-appropriation at any level shall be allowed. Reaionability of rates and e-tendering shall be followed. The codal formalities for making payment are to be done in line with the provisions of GFR-2017. 5. The rates as well as the components of the project shall be as outlined by MHA in the SoPs.
The Prisons Department should satisfy itself regarding the immediate use of these funds before drawal from Treasury and should not resort to idle parking in Bank Account.

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